Pokereum – Ethereum Poker Demo Released


The gambling industry is taking a keen interest in the development of blockchain technology. The latest in the trend is Pokereum which provides a global poker platform based on the Ethereum cryptocurrency. The poker platform works on the cryptocurrency Pokereum whose ICO was conducted some time back. The platform provides decentralized gaming options. The tokens of the platform are known as Superneums.

During the ICO the fundraising efforts were limited as well, as the company wanted to go slow when it comes to fundraising. The company wanted to wait until the launch of the platform before raising more funds.

However, now that the platform has been launched, one thing which is for sure is that the adoption of the platform would be key to determining the value of the tokens. That is why it remains to be seen the value actually changes. Moreover, the backers of the tokens are sure to get some advantages on the platform due to which, they would be able to bag more value on the platform. The company has not declared yet what exactly the benefit to the token backers would be. One thing which is however for sure is that there would be some or the other advantage to the token backers.

The platform attempts to solve a problem which is close to the gambling industry for long. It provides the decentralized poker platform which would ensure that the odds are evenly spread out as well and therefore the players would be able to play poker without any favoritism or without any manipulation. This would indeed attract a lot of poker players as the odds would be completely fair and dependent on probability. All in all, it remains to be seen whether the platform is successful or not but what it provides is certainly unique when it comes to the gambling industry. With the launch of this application, the team expects to sort out any glitches as soon as possible. This would ensure that the players are able to have a seamless experience when it comes to playing poker online. This would indeed attract a lot of players to the platform.

Tugba Kaplan - Tech Journalist

Tugba Kaplan is a journalist with more than 8 years of experience. She is an award winning correspondent. She has worked for Article 19 / The Guardian Foundation/ P24 Knowledge Right Project. She has participated in See Media Observatory in Macedonia. She was Research Fellow at Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Germany. 


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