Alpha Release of Trinity for Ethereum Will Change the Game in the Industry 

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One of the biggest problems in the Ethereum blockchain is scalability. Developers have been trying to solve this problem for as long as the cryptocurrency has been in existence. The Trinity client for Ethereum may be the solution to Ethereum’s scaling problems.

The Alpha of Trinity to be Released Soon

The Trinity concept was introduced to the blockchain community a few months ago the project offers specific projects additional scaling solutions. It was initially meant to support NEO but the developers announced that the Trinity solution will apply to Zilliqa and Ethereum as well. Ethereum is working on its own scaling solutions but there is no harm in trying alternative options as well.

Any project that relates to smart contracts needs to scale properly. Ethereum, NEO and Zilliqa support have smart contract capabilities. Developers hope that Trinity will open a new world of possibilities for the platforms. At this stage, however, no one knows if Trinity will deliver on its promises.

The Ethereum community is excited about the release of Trinity for Ethereum. Though the first alpha stage is limited in terms of scaling improvements, it gives developers a glimpse of the future of Ethereum. This alpha is nicknamed Valentina Tereshkova.

Everyone is eager to see how things will play out for Ethereum with the release of the first alpha of Trinity. This is because as the network grows, the need for better scaling solutions grow. The Ethereum blockchain has many nodes which will make increased throughput less challenging in the long run.

When combined with the other scaling solutions being developed by Ethereum, Trinity will provide a sustainable solution to the scalability issues facing Ethereum. The next few months will also see many changes to the project. Right now, Ethereum is already prepared to impact the cryptocurrency industry as a whole.

Bitcoin, Ethereum’s elder brother, is also working on scaling solutions although the Lightning Network still has some questionable features.



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