Fineqia Initiates Move Towards Blockchain Technology


Fineqia recently announced that it would initiate a move towards blockchain technology in order to make the company much more transparent as well as provide a reliable technology platform to the company. The company is trying to build alternative ecosystem when it comes to providing financial solutions to clients.

Fineqia provides a variety of financial services to its clients. According to the company, it is actively looking at opportunities to invest in other start-ups which are based on the cryptocurrency verticals. Also, the company is keen on using the blockchain technology in its various financial services as well. According to the Fineqia CEO Bundeep Singh Rangar, the cryptocurrency space would help them in democratizing various financial services as well. The blockchain technology would indeed make the financial industry much more efficient as well.

Even though the financial sector is a bit fearful of the blockchain technology as well as the cryptocurrency space, it has been taking strides in adopting the technology to a certain extent. With the help of the blockchain, they are able to make financial products much more transparent and easy to use. Also, the blockchain adds value to the financial products as well as increase security and transparency. That is why not just Fineqia but a number of other companies are also taking the right steps to use the blockchain technology in a variety of their financial products as well. This is one of the main reasons why the blockchain technology is actually being used by a variety of different financial companies.

It remains to be seen whether the financial regulators would allow the adoption of blockchain technology in the mainstream products or not. However, currently whether the financial regulators all over the world like the blockchain technology or not, the companies are surely going to adopt it in order to better the products and attract more customers. This is pretty good for the cryptocurrency industry as well as the blockchain industry as the adoption of the technology would increase its credibility and make it more widely available for other companies as well. As the company launches more and more blockchain based products, the consumers would also trust the technology and would not hesitate in investing in the financial products which are based on the blockchain technology due to the increase in the transparency and efficiency.

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