Technical Analysis: Price Analysis of Stellar Lumens, Tron, EOS, and Litecoin

Apart from Tron which is moving downward after prices declined below 5.5 cents main support, Stellar Lumens and IOTA are strong purchase candidates. Stellar Lumens is technically a buy with no firm fundamentals while IOTA has a boost with DNB ASA MoU. On the other hand, EOS will prove their assertions after the launch of their Mainnet today.

EOS Technical Analysis

The day of the Mainnet launch of EOS is finally here, and while people want to see concrete preparations such as announcements of official wallets and other things, is busy moving ETH. Within twenty-four hours before the event, EOS moved about two hundred thousand ETH to a Bitfinex account through their OTC desk. Today is the D-Day for the digital currency and whether prices will surge or not, no one knows.

Litecoin Technical Analysis

The social network campaign advocating for Litecoin (LTC) payment is eventually paying off for Charlie Lee and the Litecoin Foundation. After Cheap Air as well as some other travel firms, Surf Air is now accepting Litecoin payments.

Despite everything, the value of the coin is still moving within a consolidation in a tight trade range. Aggressive traders should look for reasons to purchase the coin if and only if the value is above the $125 mark while $130 is a purchase trigger for conservatives.

Stellar Lumens Technical Analysis

This technical formation period is a better time to purchase Stellar Lumens cheaply. The candlestick of yesterday turned out bearish but still did not manage to close. As a result of this, all subsequent movements of lower time frame supports the bullish projection and all you need to do is to pick these opportunities in the lower time frame and aim at $0.50.

Tron Technical Analysis

The Tron Foundation flaunted the ads of their Mainnet Launch at NASDAQ for everyone to see. But what they did was only a campaign and not a listing on NASDAQ exchange. So it isn’t a partnership as most people assume. On the daily chart of Tron, there‚Äôs a break beneath 5.5 cents, which means selling shall continue.

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