CryptoKitties Game Ranks Second In Ethereum Transactions


CryptoKitties is a game which allows transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. The game has become so popular that at least 14% of the transactions on the Ethereum blockchain consist of transactions through the game. Thus, it has become one of the largest sources of transactions for Ethereum. In the game, the players can easily buy and sell lot of in-game accessories. That is why the transactions in the game based on the Ethereum blockchain are pretty high.

One of the main reasons why this application was developed is to provide an entertaining as well as a fun way for most of the users to use the Ethereum blockchain to send and receive payments. It was used as a boosting mechanism for Ethereum and to initiate more payments with its help. According to the marketing director of the game, the ICO market is just one of the opportunities in the cryptocurrencies space whereas, the games like CryptoKitties also offer equally lucrative opportunities to invest in the cryptocurrency space. According to him, cryptocurrency is one of the biggest revolutions in the digital space since the Internet. However, due to the speculators, the value of cryptocurrencies is rising unabated without any relation to the intrinsic value which it represents.

With the popularity of the game growing as well, it remains to be seen how many more transactions it contributes to the Ethereum blockchain in the future. For now, however, it is one of the biggest sources of transactions. It is indeed surprising that the game is able to generate such a high number of transactions that it features in the top 3 list of transactions sources when it comes to the Ethereum blockchain. The game is also getting its fair share of coverage because of the transactions based on the Ethereum blockchain which is even attracting a large number of players to the game. Vitalik Buterin tweeted about the game as well:

The game in itself has got good reviews from the game critics as well partly due to the fact that it incorporates a newer technology in order to make the in-game purchases. However, the gameplay has also got equally good reviews as well which ensures that many of the players are getting attracted to the game due to the gameplay rather than the Ethereum based platform which it provides. In the future, it remains to be seen whether it is able to retain the same level of the momentum or whether the momentum for the game reduces.

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