EOS Vs. Ethereum: What the Future Holds

The EOS Mainnet launch is fast approaching and cryptocurrency enthusiasts are anxious about the future of Ethereum and EOS following the launch. While some believe that EOS may put Ethereum out of business, others think that Ethereum is still a big competition even with the EOS Mainnet.

The next few days are critical in determining the future of EOS and Ether alike. The launch of the EOS Mainnet is most likely going to affect the price positively. This is because Mainnet launches typically increase the price of coins. Since the news about the Mainnet launch became hot in the industry in April and May, the Bulls have shown their strength in the market severally.

People in the cryptoverse are anxious to see what will happen to EOS after the Mainnet launch. Hopefully, there is going to be a more significant Bull run. However, the truth is that it’s not every coin that is positively affected by good news. Prices are often influenced by the market trend in general and right now, the market is bearish. The chances of any good news causing a spike in the price of a given coin is unlikely. Even when the currency rises in price, it may not be able to hold the gains for more than a few months if the market trend doesn’t improve.

Will EOS Overtake Ethereum?

In the cryptoverse, anything is possible. However, it’s going to take a lot of effort for EOS to meet up with Ether not to talk of overtake it. Currently, the market capitalization for Ether is about $58,552,563,132 while EOS has a market capitalization of $10,951,387,226. It’s going to take a lot of time and effort for EOS to Topline Ethereum.

EOS rivals Ethereum in terms of its capabilities but whether or not people will choose EOS over Ethereum is unknown. This is something that is hard to determine. Both projects are versatile and offer similar but unique features. The only way to know if EOS will overtake Ethereum is to wait it out.



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