Bitcoin Cash (BCH) News: Bitcoin Cash Fund Begins a New Site to Push the Adoption of Bitcoin Cash

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Bitcoin Cash Fund is a project that is driven by the Bitcoin Cash community, and it is aimed at increasing the global adoption of the digital currency. The community-driven project – Bitcoin Cash Fund announced that it has begun a new site that is the “home of all things BCH.”

The Funding of Bitcoin Cash Fund

Bitcoin Cash Fund is a non-profit organization that only makes use of the funds which are donated to support projects that hasten the global adoption and use of Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Cash is a digital currency which was hard forked from Bitcoin (BTC) back in August last year.

What the Platform Does – the new site created by Bitcoin Cash Fund – is an online portal that will educate the general public on what digital currencies are, how they function, and how they can trade, sell, and purchase goods and services with these digital currencies.

The portal explains the fundamentals of Bitcoin, and how it is a decentralized, peer-to-peer digital money. The website also went ahead to claim that the best way to know more about the digital currency is to use it. The site also contains information on how users can download the wallet. It went ahead and assured the users that once they have carried out a few transactions, they’ll see the simplicity of the wallet and get hooked.

Promoting the Adoption and Use of Bitcoin Cash

The site informs merchants and retailers of the numerous benefits of adopting Bitcoin Cash, mentioning no chargeback, low transaction fees, and a thriving, fast-growing community of Bitcoin Cash uses as incentives for retailers and merchants.

They’ve also provided guides for both brick-and-mortar merchant and online merchants. These guides contain information regarding platforms such as Coinbase Commerce for online businesses. The site also provided a guide for merchants on how to use wallets to accept payment from their clients when doing business one-on-one.

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