Ripple XRP News: Why Investors Need to Pay Attention to Ripple XRP 

Ripple gets the first bank from Oman on its RippleNet platform

Ripple has been all over the news for the past few weeks now and for good reason. The cryptoverse is getting more convinced that ripple is providing the perfect solution for the technology industry. This has led to a global match toward adopting Ripple. If you’re an investor, here are some reasons why you should pay close attention to Ripple

1. Growth is on the Horizon

The partnership between Ripple and Santander’s OnePay FX has a high growth potential. Before the development of OnePay FX, Ripple went into partnership with Santander. The OnePay FX mobile app was built on the blockchain technology to provide fast and cheap money transfer globally.

The partnership between Ripple and Santander shows that there is progress in the adoption rate of Ripple. Most of the international transfers by the bank are carried out on Ripple confirming that Ripple is the leading provider of cross border payment solutions.

2. The Ripple 1.0.0 Update Will Change the Game

The release of the Ripple 1.0.0 has been expected for the last 6 years. The update is a combination of several improvements on the Ripple software over the years. The update stands for the maturity of the software and the stability of the decentralized network of nodes worldwide. Server operators have been encouraged to upgrade to the latest version to continue enjoying the platform. This update enhances the XRP ledger.

3. The SBI Platform for Virtual Currencies is Fascinating

SBI is one of Ripple’s premier partners and is the leading provider of banking services in Japan. SBI is going to launch a trading platform for virtual currencies soon. The main beneficiary of this platform will be Ripple (XRP). Ripple XRP will be the only supported virtual currency during the launch.

The truth is that the Ripple XRP is a faster, more scalable and cheaper alternative to Bitcoin and it will become a globally accepted digital currency soon. This is the best time for investors to show interest in Ripple.



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