Ripple Price Analysis: Is There Progress in the Price of Ripple (XRP) Today?

Ripple’s price is showing some progress today and the bulls are taking control of othe cryptocurrency market. After Brad Garlinghouse predicted that Ripple will change and possibly surprise Bitcoin within the next five years the price started soaring today within about a 3% increase. After trading in red for a while, Ripple is back to trading in green.

At the time of writing, Ripple was selling at $0.658381 indicating a 2.97% increase in price over the past 24 hours. Ripple is not the only cryptocurrency showing progress today. The rest of the cryptocurrency market has been on the upside today with Bitcoin trading $7,721 and Ethereum trading $616.63. Even Litecoin has had an increase and is now trading at $125.80.

Ripple Price Today: Current Price of XRP

Crypto Currency Price24H Changes
Ripple (XRP)

There have been several endorsements and partnerships for Ripple over the past few weeks. This has helped the bulls take charge of the market. The headlines has certainly pushed Ripple to a good place in the market.

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The Ripple deal with the Bank of America makes it the largest world bank to enter into the cryptocurrency industry. The deal will allow more average consumers to access the bank, it will also allow individuals open Ripple trading accounts. This is just one of the many partnership Ripple is currently enjoying.

How True is the Prediction of Brad Garlinghouse?

Brad Garlinghouse, during CNBC’s Powerlunch, said that ripple will surprise the cryptoverse in the next few years. In his words:

“There is hardly any relationship between the price of Ripple XRP and the price of Bitcoin even if there is an independent relationship between open-source technologies in general. It is still early. Over time, the market will be more rational and people would behave in ways that reflect this.”

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So, will Ripple surprise the cryptocurrency industry? Just within 2018, Ripple has shown great progress. Even if prices went down by 50% during the first quarter of the year, Ripple has gained more popularity.

Within the next few weeks, Ripple may reach $1 dollar again thanks to the new partnerships. If light continues to shine on Ripple, it might surprise the industry in the coming years.



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