PetroBLOQ Latest To Join The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance


The list of companies joining the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) is growing. The latest to join the EEA is PetroBLOQ. The company is involved in supply chain management in the oil and gas sector.

PetroBLOQ aims to leverage the power of the blockchain technology in order to bring transformative changes to the sector in which it operates. According to the CEO of the company, Alex Blyumkin, the company aims to build enterprise-grade solutions which are based on the Ethereum blockchain technology. The aim of the company is to build an enterprise platform which would benefit all the members.

Once you take a look at the members of the alliance, you would realize that they are spread across many different industries as well as companies. There are even some enterprises from the public sector as well as banking sector. The main aim of the members is to develop open standards which can be used by other businesses as well. All of this is aimed towards using the Ethereum blockchain technology in order to transform businesses in various industries.

The total number of members currently is over 200. Many of the bigger companies like Microsoft as well as Deloitte have also joined the EEA in order to develop breakthrough solutions on the Ethereum blockchain which would harness the power of blockchain technology in different industries. Many of the reputed organizations have joined the alliance in the past few months which has made the alliance much more popular across various sectors.

With the list of companies joining the Alliance growing by the day, it remains to be seen, how much time it actually takes for the members of the EEA to come up with some radical and innovative solution in order to make blockchain much more accessible to the members and other enterprises might be willing to use blockchain based solutions in the future.

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