SLP Network Joins Cindicator Symbiotic Network of Companies Dedicated to Advancing Global Causes Through the Creation of Tokenized Economies

New York City, June 4, 2018 —SLP Network, a decentralized exchange platform for bonus points powered by blockchain, announced today that it has joined the Cindicator Symbiotic Network, an alliance of tokenized organizations that work together toward creating an ecosystem of shared intelligence and a secure, token-based economy to help solve world issues.

Cindicator is a tokenized fintech company that enables effective asset management through predictive analytics based on Hybrid Intelligence (HI). Cindicator was co-founded by CEO Mike Brusov, a veteran big data entrepreneur with nearly a decade of experience launching companies in the predictive analytics space. Through the Symbiotic Network, the company helps its partners to tokenize their businesses and create circular economies, sharing experience, connections and other resources.

The Symbiotic Network encourages cooperation and collaboration between members, strengthening each other’s individual offerings while contributing to a repository of insight that can be used toward advancing important global causes. It gathers insights from more than 100,000 decentralized analysts, answering questions sourced from across the network, and enhances them using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The network comprises companies that:

  • have the potential to create a technology or business synergy with Cindicator’s Hybrid Intelligence;
  • research and develop new protocol layers of distributed ledger technology (DLT) to strengthen the digital assets ecosystem;
  • create new models for decision-making and management of decentralized organizations and networks.

SLP’s loyalty platform features a blockchain-based bonus point exchange, dedicated loyalty token wallets and a targeted marketing engine. SLP Network helps companies leverage blockchain to bring security and transparency to loyalty programs, making rewards more meaningful and easier to redeem, and strengthening customer loyalty overall.

“Cindicator is an established leader in the crypto space, and we are looking forward to collaborating with them and the rest of the Symbiotic Network on creative ideas to advance the token economy and deliver more value to our customers and partners,” said Leonid Shangin, CEO and co-founder of SLP.

As a member of the Symbiotic Network, SLP will benefit from Cindicator’s experience building token-based ecosystems, and the knowledge of its fellow members, further enhancing its platform and contributing to the creation of a token economy. SLP will in turn share insights from its own well of knowledge and the expertise of its leadership team, which boasts decades of experience from MIT, Intel, McKinsey, and other industry and intelligence centers.

“We believe that a decentralized, token-based economy will be the foundation of future growth and innovation. The Symbiotic Network is a manifestation of that ideology, and provides the infrastructure necessary to collaborate and to create unexpected ideas and solutions,” said Mike Brusov, who will also serve as general advisor to SLP. “We are happy to welcome SLP to the network, as we are eager to support companies with strong teams, solid products and existing communities. We are excited to apply our expertise in building token ecosystems in a new context and a different industry.”

About Cindicator:
Founded in 2015, Cindicator is a fintech company improving investment decision-making amid high uncertainty through predictive analytics. Cindicator uses blockchain technology to create a unique ecosystem of 100,000 decentralized analysts whose insights are enhanced by AI. They call it Hybrid Intelligence. Сindicator’s founders envision a future where the collective intelligence of analysts, data scientists, and investors is leveraged by AI to solve the most pressing problems of the post-capitalist era. To learn more about the Cindicator Symbiotic Network, please visit:

About SLP:

Founded in 2018, SLP Network is a decentralized exchange for customer loyalty points where consumers can exchange bonus points for SLP tokens and exchange tokens for bonus points other consumers have placed onto the platform. SLP Network aims to help consumers regain value from unused bonus points. SLP’s team comes from SailPlay, a leader in the customer loyalty space that was founded in 2012 with clients around the world including organizations such as Papa John’s, Sephora, Estee Lauder, and Crocs. To learn more about SLP Network, please visit:

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