EOS Latest Update: Here Is Why EOS Is a Great Investment Option

In this present time and age where there are over 1,500 digital currencies in the market, and more are still popping out, it seems like they come out on a daily basis. Digital currency users looking to invest in a new digital currency often get to the point where they are confused when to invest and what is the best option for them to put their money on in the market.

Following the success of Ethereum as a blockchain platform for creating Dapps, the blockchain ecosystem also experienced the evolution of similar platforms, and EOS is one of them. EOS is a blockchain platform based in Hong Kong, and most people refer to it as Ethereum killer.

EOS Price Today: Current Price of EOS

EOS was created by Daniel Larimer and Block One, and the platform makes it possible for decentralized applications to scale both horizontally and vertically, and just like Ethereum, EOS also allows cryptocurrencies to come into fruition.

The primary objective of EOS is to provide a solution to issues such as scalability, user experience, and speed by eliminating transaction fees, providing account recovery, and others. Highlighted below are some of the reasons why EOS is a great investment option.


Scalability in the blockchain sphere is a major issue especially now that digital currencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin are competing with more mainstream platforms such as Visa, PayPal, and MasterCard. EOS is designed to specifically prioritize scalability performance by ensuring that massive digital currency adoption is not an issue.

EOS Source of Funds

When it comes to the facts that involves funding activities, a lot of digital currencies result in worrying situations. But thanks to the effort and success of EOS in developing an inflation system that supports blockchain funding.

The cryptocurrency spares users from transaction fees which could have been used to source for funds. EOS depends on a 5 percent yearly inflation which is used to pay producers of blocks and for requests for the entire community.

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