Why TRON Can Rival, and Surpass Ripple (XRP) 

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Ripple has aimed to become the cryptocurrency of choice for institutions like banks and other financial entities. TRON came with a similar goal in the digital entertainment industry sphere. It appears more expected of TRON in the long-term.

TRON Price Today: Current Price of TRX


Why Should We Expect Much More From TRON than Ripple in the Future?

Market Utility

The first and probably the most viable reason for this is TRON’s market utility. The digital currency has managed to include just little fees for transactions on its platform. Its simplicity makes it more cost-effective, and it will continue to improve, mainly as the MainNet is now live. TRON provides over a thousand transactions per second, which will likely become arguably the essential feature of the crypto token after prices stabilise, and we can go beyond the issue. Added to that point is the fact that transactions on the platform are free. Hence TRON will become one of the most efficient methods of sending money with stress.


The second reason for the rise of TRON in the digital currency space is because it has discovered its industry where it dominates. While Ripple has concentrated on banks, TRON chose to stick to digital entertainment which was a smart decision, when you consider the growing popularity of gaming globally. Gaming has been rising in popularity for decades, now. TRON was smart by choosing the industry and staying in it, instead of attempting to tackle many sectors at the same time.

Strong Backing

The third reason is the confidence that TRON is getting from its founder or parent company. Justin Sun, the founder of TRON and the TRON Foundation have been invaluable assets to the digital currency with the later, directly responsible for TRON’s growth. Sun has managed to get the attention of investors and keep them focused in his crypto. It wouldn’t be a fallacy to assert that TRON wouldn’t have been as close to its present position if not for the efforts of its founder.



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