Game Stars: Gaming Platform Gives 20% Bonus in Token Sale

            Game Stars has just closed the 1st stage of the Token Sale and moved up to the 2nd one. 20% bonus on GST tokens purchase is available for Token Sale participants until June 13th. Game Stars platform offers solutions for eSports market problems and tends to make the industry friendlier and more convenient for its players.

The project is growing under the aegis of a great team. People with a great working experience have joined Game Stars and assist in major fields like platform development, marketing, PR and more. Advisor Daniel Laufenberg has been leading teams and architecting client solutions for a wide range of problems in tech giant like Google and Cisco over the past 4 years. He currently works as a senior development engineer in Exadel and responsible for all stages of the development life cycle of products.

The project has already achieved significant results:

  • The pre-sale stage was closed with a complete sold-out
  • The 1st stage of the Token Sale was held
  • The prototype of the platform was introduced

Game Stars Token

Game Stars Token or GST is the main currency of the platform. Demand for GST tokens is already constantly growing and will show even more increase in value due to 3 reasons:

  1. The token is a means of payment in Game Stars. The platform solves eSport problems and will attract market players.
  2. Token emission is limited to 500 million. Unsold tokens will be burned and there won’t be enough tokens for everyone willing to buy them
  3. As soon as the project reaches Hard Cap point the shortage of tokens can be caused by only 50.000 basic or 14.285 profi-users signing up for the platform.

Tokens will be allocated for exchanges after the end of the Token Sale. GST holders will be able to sell tokens at a higher price. More detailed information about the tokens and how to use them you can find out in Game Stars White Paper.

Platform Solutions

Game Stars platform is focused on settling eSports problems: lack of market infrastructure; lack of funding for beginner cyber players; non-payment of prize money, unfair tournaments.

With the help of blockchain technology and smart contracts, those problems won’t be a headache of market players anymore. The platform provides solutions for all contributors:

  1. Smart contracts are issued for each player together with personal tokens. Players can sell their tokens, raise funding for their professional development.
  2. Sponsors can evaluate cyber sportsmen based on players statistics, support the most promising gamers and get a share of their income.
  3. Managers can raise funding for their team development and look for new players
  4. Everyone now can organize own tournaments. Terms and conditions are powered by smart contracts. Thus the problem of frauds is excluded, prize-money payouts are made completely and in time.

Find out more about the project and participate in the Token Sale at the official website. There is an opportunity to get 20% bonus tokens until June 13th, 2018. Subscribe to accounts on Facebook, Telegram, Telegram chat and get the latest news.


  1. Wow, the prototype is only two months away! That’s exciting news! I cannot wait to try this thing! GameStars, in my opinion, is the hottest cybersports-related project going right now! That’s just my opinion anyway!


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