Bitcoin Cash News Today: The Adoption of BCH Grows With Its Popularity

Bitcoin Cash was hard forked from the blockchain of Bitcoin on the 1st of August last year. The community members of the coin are claiming that their digital currency, BCH, is the real Bitcoin. The reason is that the community of Bitcoin Cash believes the blockchain of BCH functions much closer to what Satoshi envisioned at the advent of bitcoin.

On-chain scaling, low transaction costs, a reliable payment network – these are what was envisioned at the advent of Bitcoin, but the core developers of Bitcoin deviated from these ideals, and this gave birth to Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Cash Price Today: Current Price of BCH

In recent months, a lot of projects have decided to build their platforms on the technology of Bitcoin Cash. Blockpress is a social network app that is currently in its beta phase, and it works on the blockchain of Bitcoin Cash, it also uses IPFS.

In the app, every user has something like a “handle,” and this serves as their Bitcoin Cash wallet address. The app also features a QR code, so users can send Bitcoin Cash to one another.


CoinText is another project that enables users to carry out transactions on their mobile devices without an internet connection. This is streamlined to bring market opportunities to a lot of people that cannot afford the internet or do not have bank accounts. It’s a software wallet that works on Apple, Android, and Windows Phones.

The CoinText service focuses on BCH. It promises on-chain settlements, sub-cent transaction fees, and instant transactions. A Reddit user – Phillipsjk said that it was pointed out in a recent thread that intercepting text messages isn’t as difficult as it should be. Hopefully, the project is aimed at limiting the damage in that case.

As the popularity of Bitcoin Cash increases, so does its adoption and it could also affect its value positively.

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