Technical Analysis: EOS, Litecoin, and Tron Technical Analysis

There have been some corrections in the values of some digital currencies, but with the events of yesterday, chances are buyers of altcoin would continue to increase their long holding. Tron, EOS, and Litecoin are seeing some positive gains, and listed below are their technical analysis.

Technical Analysis of EOS

A lot of people were saying EOS does not have a working product, and after the Mainnet launch of EOS, those people can keep their opinions to themselves. EOSIO v1.0 is a working product and a lot of stakeholders are showing interest in it, expect a lot of decentralized application projects to be built on their platform.

TRON Price Today: Current Price of TRX


On the charts of the digital currency, the values of EOS are still trending in a strong engulfing candlestick. Most especially after the candlestick of yesterday, buyers are rejecting lower prices, and there are strong buys on the 4-hour chart of the coin.

Technical Analysis of Litecoin

In line with the recent analysis, trade plan is quite simple. There will be more buys if and only if the prices of Litecoin closes above the $130 mark. Conversely, the bullish projection would be invalid if the sellers break beneath the $110 level.

Judging from potential long-covering and the price action of yesterday, the value of the digital currency might end up finding support today.

Technical Analysis of Tron

No doubt, the FX market is one of the world’s largest markets and that is where Tron (TRX) wants its coin to trade at. To achieve this, the team behind the digital currency is partnering with Shift Market – a platform that offers various backend and frontend solutions to entities that want to open brokerage services.

On the charts of the digital currency, the bearish shadow of the 28th of May still plays a vital role in the value of the coin. Prices are still moving in a 2.5 cents consolidation with lows at the 5.5 cents mark.

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