Who Takes The Crown Between TRON (TRX) and Ripple (XRP)?

Ripple gets the first bank from Oman on its RippleNet platform

At the moment, it is difficult to determine which crypto token of the two, is better. The comparison should include more factors to decide which one of the digital currency’s reigns supreme over the other.

TRON and Ripple Price Today: Current Price of TRX



Ripple XRP

Ripple is focused on the banking system and financial institutions. This has been fruitful so far because XRP has scored significant partnerships with top institutions including Santander, MoneyGram, and Western Union which has allowed it to achieve mass adoption. Ripple has joined OnePay FX, the first mobile app for cross-border transactions. This has enabled Santander users to conduct transactions globally fast and safe.

It is safe to say Ripple is doing well after it continued to bring excellent news, following the introduction of mass adoption (massive use of digital tokens and Blockchain technology). The only fault with XRP is the fact that many have doubts regarding the decentralisation of the system and the well-being of XRP in crypto markets.


Although Ripple is has been in the limelight for longer than TRON, Tron has had no problem keeping up with top coins at all.

Sun in a recent event introduced the public to the TRON Mainnet, meaning that TRX is now independent and there is no need to stick with the Ethereum Blockchain anymore. Although Sun has never really challenged Ripple, when you consider the fact that both networks are going into mass adoption in different industries, it may be interesting to see which digital token of the two will be the first to attain its primary objective.

While Ripple is penetrating the industry of finances and banking while also heading towards mass adoption, TRON is looking at massive adoption in the entertainment industry, a sector where Ripple takes no interest in.


In a way, Ripple at the moment can be said to be surpassing TRON. However, Justin Sun, TRON’s founder has big plans for the network (some of which have already been initiated).




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