Roger Keith Ver’s View On Whether Bitcoin Cash is Less Popular Than Dogecoin

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Roger Keith Ver, a member of Bitcoin Foundation, released a YouTube video via the “ Channel” because many people online have been claiming that Dogecoin is more popular than Bitcoin Cash.

Ver’s Take Interest in The Issue

In the video, Ver starts by saying that the people who are claiming that Dogecoin is bigger than Bitcoin Cash are paid trolls or core supporters of the network on the internet.

His goal was to prove that these individuals are making false claims. He uses Satoshi Pulse, a Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization Aggregator for his stats. And goes on to compare Dogecoin and Bitcoin Cash. According to Ver, the market stats don’t matter although Dogecoin has a market capitalisation of 400 million USD while it’s competition Dogecoin had a market capitalisation of 17.8 billion USD which is almost 40 times more than that of Dogecoin.

Even more interesting during his video was his highlight regarding the trade volume of both digital tokens in the last 24 hours which Ver says is more significant. Dogecoin traded 5 million USD within the previous 24 hours while Bitcoin Cash recorded over half a billion USD (565 million USD) in trade. This record also proves that Bitcoin Cash is at least a hundred times bigger than Dogecoin when you consider how much volume is traded across exchanges.

After comparing graphs regarding the number of transactions that occurred on Bitcoin Cash and Dogecoin, most times the charts go together; however, regarding the amount of commerce recorded, Bitcoin Cash is far ahead.

Ver is surprised by these claims online. According to him:

“Its absolute nonsense”.

He shows a chart of the actual number of funds sent via the network, indicating that Bitcoin Cash sees far more influx of USD than its competition. By every metric available, more people go for Bitcoin Cash. According to him, there is no supply limit for Dogecoin.


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