Ontology Price Prediction Today: Reasons Why $100 Is Achievable This Year

Blockchain records

Ontology (ONT) has been one of the most outstanding digital currencies in the market for the past two months. Irrespective of the weakness in Bitcoin (BTC) and the digital currency market at large, Ontology has increased its value ten times since March, and it still has the potential to surge further.

Factors That Will Increase the Value of Ontology

One of the key factors that will cause the value of Ontology (ONT) to skyrocket in the next couple of days is the launch of the Ontology Olympus Accelerator. This program promises to be of great use, and the idea behind it is to support the development teams of blockchain startups and to increase the popularity and adoption of ONT.

The Impact of the Program

Just to let you in on how big this program is, the Ontology team will be investing Ontology tokens worth $1.5 billion in the program. That is a very big amount, and it is guaranteed to have a significant impact on the value of the digital currency going into the future.

Another factor that is and will continue to push up the value of the digital currency in the future is the partnership with Chain of Things. Via this partnership, Chain of Things will utilize the ONT network to develop a platform for creating internet of things (IoT) hardware.

Both Chains of Things (COT) and Ontology stand to gain a lot from this partnership. According to the founder of Chain of Things, both platforms will witness a significant reap by promoting blockchain technology, as well as create a data collaboration and exchange platforms.

Nevertheless, the largest push of Ontology this year will come from the seismic shift of China in its blockchain tech view.

Also, Ontology is presenting the Triones node incentive model which will reward holders of ONT with Gas. This will attract more investors to Ontology and increase its value further.

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