Lisk (LSK) New Listing Update: Lisk to Get Listed On OKEx

Silver LISK LSK cryptocurrency physical concept coin isolated on black background. 3D rendering

The listings of Lisk (LSK) always come with an enormous positive implication due to the fact that every listing adds value to the listed digital currency in the sense of increasing the visibility of the coin in the digital currency market.

The more listings a coin get on exchanges, the higher the chance that the trading volume of the digital currency will increase subsequently. This will increase the popularity of the coin as well as its market cap and authority in the crypto community.

Lisk (LSK) to Be Listed on OKEx Exchange

The Lisk team announced in a tweet on the 3rd of June that the digital currency will be listed on OKEx exchange platform. On this occasion, the Lisk team has said that Lisk (LSK) will get different trading pairs with its new listing on OKEx. This means that the digital currency will be marked as tradable with USD, ETH, and BTC as available on the exchange.

Lisk (LSK) and the Network Bug

On the 2nd of June when OKEx announced it’s going to add Lisk to its trading platform, an unforeseen bug occurred on the blockchain of Lisk, and this stopped all transactions immediately. The CEO of Lisk – Max Kordek – justified the bug by explaining on a post on Reddit, he said that the transactions stopped as a result of a bug that was initiated by a faulty transaction.

Lisk (LSK) and the Market

The digital currency has been experiencing a rough time in the last two months, as its value dropped significantly on its monthly charts. Nevertheless, the digital currency managed to redeem itself in the crypto market by increasing by 14 percent against the US dollar in the last seven days, and its value against the US dollar is on a continuous rise for the last few days.

Following the latest trend in the digital currency market, Lisk (LSK) has seen an increase of 7.26 percent against the US dollar, while it has increased by 6 percent against Bitcoin.

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