Tron News Today: Tron (TRX) On a Bull Run Path before the End of the Second Quarter of the Year

With the much hype and long expected Tron Mainnet being launched marvelously by Justin Sun (the CEO of Tron), a couple of days back, a lot of Tron (TRX) holders are becoming impatient with the dismal price performance of the digital currency.

On the journey to the Mainnet launch of the digital currency, the community of Tron kept hope alive, saying the value of the digital currency was going to increase immediately after the launch. Unluckily, this is yet to take place, as the values of the coin as still in the red.

Presently, the new Mainnet – Odyssey 2.0 – is still in its initial phase with testing for code errors and bugs taking the largest share of attention.

TRON Price Today: Current Price of TRX


At the moment, the value of Tron (TRX) is $0.058, after a decrease of 3.38 percent in the last seven days. In general, just like other coins in the market, Tron also experienced a stormy ride since the beginning of the year. A lot of digital currencies are doing all they can to make sure their values come out of the red.

Tron is ahead of the pack in making sure its coin succeeds with a lot of enthusiasts predicting a bull run to occur before the end of Q2 this year.

Transaction Fee

While the popularity of digital currencies is growing as a financial tool that charges low transaction costs on payments, Tron is also leading other major digital currencies in this area.

Transaction Speed

In terms of transaction speed, Tron has the capability to carry out about 2000 transactions in just one second, while other digital currencies such as Ethereum lag behind with 25 transactions per second.


The high sophistication level of Tron puts it in a good place for the digital currency to experience an increase in value in the coming months. It has a high level of scalability, even more than Ethereum which is the second most valuable digital currency.

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