Qtum Project To Embark On Massive Marketing; Qtum (QTUM) Coin Expects Huge Price Gains

The Qtum project will now switch its focus to more aggressive marketing efforts to push for more recognition and adoption. Project founder, Patrick Dai who leads the Qtum Coin team, tweeted recently about the new focus.

According to him, this move to popularize its superior platform should have come a lot earlier, though more factors were to blame for the reduced marketing drive. Following the cryptocurrency ban in China last year and subsequent regulation risks, Dai said the team slowed marketing efforts opting to invest more in development work. It is good to note that about 60 percent of Qtum nodes are in China.

The push for more marketing originally came from the Qtum community and received Dai’s announcement with a lot of excitement. With a solid foundation, the community believes that the missing ingredient was an aggressive marketing effort canvassed for it on several forums. They now have their wish.

Qtum Coin Price Prediction

As Dai and the Qtum coin follow through on their promise of improved marketing campaigns, one would expect to see huge price gains for the coin. From a technological standpoint, Qtum has one of the more powerful blockchain networks available. When more people know about the blockchain and its features, it is expected to gain more activity. Optimists believe this coin may end the year ten times its current price. The Qtum price jumped 5 percent immediately after the announcement to halt a downward trend.

Qtum Innovations

In the twitter thread, Dai reminded followers of the features and achievements of the Qtum platform. Among the features, Dai noted that Qtum can handle 70-100 transactions per second compared to 15-30 on ethereum and 3-5 on the bitcoin blockchain. He said it is a faster and cheaper platform than ethereum for running smart contracts.

He also suggested a close release of the X8 Virtual Machine which was later confirmed in a blog post by the development team. According to the post, the x86 VM will be “providing developers with multiple languages worth of development tools and support, a more mature infrastructure, a reasonable gas model and a platform for self-upgrading”. By design, it is will allow developers to create Dapps in multiple languages including C++, C, Rust, Python, and Java.

In spite of its features superior to bitcoin and ethereum, the blockchain will face steep competition as more and more projects are improving; some offering similar features. It’s already common to hear of Qtum vs NEO comparisons, but there is even more. EOS project which raised a record $4 billion from its ICO claims 6000 TPS and other interesting features. Qtum X alpha version, according to Dai will handle 1000 TPS.

Solomon Sunny is the market reporter for Smartereum, one of the global leaders in Ethereum, blockchain and currency news. He produces technical price updates on digital currencies and writes recent developments about blockchain.


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