Ripple News Today: Ripple Will be Adopted by Banks Worldwide Before 2018 Comes to an End 

Ripple is the talk of the industry these days. Everyone is talking about how Ripple is gaining popularity among different banks. From the look of things, Ripple seems to be among the best performers this week even if it is yet to bridge the $1 mark. Many people have been wondering what the future of Ripple will hold but Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple, has put all fears to rest and increased the confidence people have in Ripple during his recent interview.

Garlinghouse insisted that Ripple will be adopted massively in the coming years as many banks and financial industries are already developing interest in Ripple. Also, he made comments about the recent lawsuit filed against Ripple by a cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The individual claimed that Ripple, violated security laws in the United States.

The CEO insisted that Ripple is going to be adopted by major banks before the end of the year. He believes that the xRapid protocol which requires the use of the XRP token will be adopted by major banks. He counts more than a dozen banks using the XRP and liquidity protocols.

When questioned about the competition XRP has in the market, he says that even if there are so many tokens in the market but most of them are designed for only one reason. He insisted that so many of these tokens do not solve any existing problems and this is what makes Ripple stand out. He believes that in the next ten years only one percent of the total cryptocurrencies in the market will be relevant.

What About Bitcoin?

When asked to compare Bitcoin to Ripple, Garlinghouse said that he believes that major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, and, Bitcoin Cash will remain relevant in the future. However, when it comes to specialization of different ledgers, he picks Ripple over Bitcoin.

When asked if the company was concerned about potential regulations, he said that Ripple, as a company, is not concerned about possible regulatory threats because they have been working alongside regulators.



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