Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis: Is Bitcoin Cash (BCH) About To Top The New Crypto Bull Run? / Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction Today

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Since yesterday when five crypto giants went green, the cryptocurrency market seems to be recovering gradually. If things continue this way, it is safe to say that the market will become a bullish trend for the rest of the week. After the poor performance of last week, bitcoin Cash is reported to be doing quite well when compared to other cryptos. With its figures almost doubling within a space of 7 days, investors are hoping that the BCH market maintain this uptrend.

Trading Volume of the Bitcoin Cash

According to BCH community members, bitcoin cash is performing better in the market than the BTC in terms of volume, traction, adoption and gains because both it’s community members and investors are dedicated. When evaluating a crypto’s success rate, its demand which is measured by its volume can prove to be a useful tool.

Analysts are of the opinion that the bullish trend of the Bitcoin Cash is a consequence of the market’s increasing volume.

Bitcoin Cash May Eventually Be Adopted by Japanese Retailers

In an interview, Roger Ver, who is an expert in cryptocurrency and a bitcoin cash promoter revealed that a good number of Japanese retailers might eventually accept the currency as a method of payment. However, the date of the adoption is yet to be announced. Roger Ver further announced that many convenience stores and retailers are soon to begin accepting Bitcoin cash as a method of payment, allowing people to make purchases and pay their bills with it. Promotes the Adoption of BCH

The goal of the Bitcoin cash is to become a mode of payment that is accepted globally and used by people in their everyday transactions. To reach this goal, the Bitcoin Cash Foundation has added more features to the BCH, making it more useful to consumers and businesses around the globe. In a bid to promote the adoption of BCH, the BCH team has created to reach a wider audience.

BCH Miners To Enjoy Zero Fee Transactions

Bitcoin cash has gone a step further to remove dust limit, allowing miners of

Bitcoin cash to process a certain number of zero fee transactions in every block. This move has been commended by notable individuals and companies who are now advocating for Bitcoin Cash growth.

Market Position

Bitcoin cash has attracted a vast market making their total market capitalisation close to USD 19.4 billion. The crypto is now available everywhere and is reported to be the 4th biggest cryptocurrency in the world.

Wrap up

Bitcoin Cash has a lot of potentials that are yet to be explored. It might be the first forked digital asset to make more profits than its core project. It is advisable to buy into the market now as experts believe that the bitcoin cash may rise throughout the remaining part of the week.





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