NEM News Analysis: NEM (XEM) Prepares for An Upswing Thanks to New Partnership / NEM Price Prediction Today

The cryptocurrency industry is going near $400 billion this year and the third generation decentralized apps have contributed to the boom. Now more than ever, the blockchain technology is making remarkable advancements in different aspects of technology. Bitcoin and Ethereum aren’t the only coins enjoying the glory of the blockchain, there are many rival coins trying to make a name in the Overcrowded industry.

A typical example is NEM which has found ways to renew the interest of investors in its blockchain. Since March 2015, NEM has made steady progress in the industry compared to other cryptos that were launched around the same time. For the last one year, NEM has recorded consistent performance.

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Even if Bitcoin and Ethereum seem like the reasonable investment options, price volatility, security breaches and high transaction fees plaque both platforms. NEM is a more secure option and its outstanding Proof of Importance algorithm has made it popular in the cryptoverse.

NEM Partners With Multiversum

Recently, Multiversum announced its partnership with NEM. NEM is one of the most dynamic blockchains in the industry and the company is committed to making upgrades that attract investors globally. The NEM blockchain recently released an SDK version that supports NodeJS 10. They also made XPOS implementation. Apart from these updates, partnerships from reputable companies have cemented NEM’s blockchain in the industry.

After the Consensus Conference in May, Multiversum announced its new partnership with ProximaX and NEM. The partnership will make way for the integration of the decentralized relational database of Multiversum with ProximaX and NEM.

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Another recent partnership is the partnership between BitPrime and NEM. Both companies will work together to develop a compliant digital platform that is more secure for New Zealand residents. This will enhance transaction speed with Nem.

If the good news continues to pop up, NEM may make its way to the top five cryptocurrencies in the industry soon.



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