Zcash News Today: Zcash [ZEC]’s Research for ASIC Miners in Equihash and Zcash Ecosystem / Zcash Price Prediction

Zcash has asked researchers Daniel Feher and Alex Biryukov of the University of Luxembourg to probe the presence some ASIC miners in the Equihash and Zcash ecosystems. This occurred on 7th June as part of the company’s commitment towards Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC) resistance debate.

On the following day, the brand, on their blog, stated that the ASIC resistance question is now more urgent than ever since Bitmain announced that the new AntMiner Z9 mini would be readily available. This device is an Equihash-focused ASIC and it appears that it was personalized for Zcash to be shipped out by the end of the month.

This explains why Zcash must adopt ASIC. The firm began to consider it after receiving feedback from the community and the new ASICs are more equipped to handle different Equihash parameters.

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What is an ASIC miner?

In the past, mining cryptos was hassle free and anyone could do it at home with their computers. Today things are different, because you will need an ASIC miner to do so. ASIC are chips that are built for a particular purpose and range from managing a phone call to audio processing.

All cryptocurrencies have their own Cryptographic algorithm that are used by ASIC miners to mine particular currencies. The major supplier of ASIC in the world today is Bitmain.

The role of Equihash

Equihash was created by the interdisciplinary center for reliability, trust and security of the University of Luxembourg. It is also a proof-of-work memory oriented algorithm. Zcash picked Equihash because of ASIC properties and this makes the network easily accessible to smaller miners who help provide market balance for others with higher capabilities.

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The researchers said that in a short time, they could place an upper bound on the FPGA/ASIC potential presence in the Equihash mining ecosystem. They also stated that their current strategies can be mimicked by diligent ASIC miners and its methods aren’t fine-grained enough for detection of ASIC miner testing of a percentage of the full hash-rate.



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