Sirin Labs Signs Up Lionel Messi As Brand Ambassador

sirin labs-lionel-messi

Sirin Labs which became famous with the launch of the highly secure SOLARIN mobile phone has recently signed up Lionel Messi as the brand ambassador of the company in order to create more awareness about the blockchain technology.

Sirin Labs has been at the forefront of launching new products based on the blockchain technology. Recently as well, it launched a PC which would help the users in generating blockchain code specifically geared towards the cryptocurrency users. Most of the products of the company are designed in such a way that the target is the cryptocurrency users. According to the company, the market would surely explode much more as more and more people become aware of cryptocurrencies. Also, fans of the soccer legend would make the products even more popular among the crowd which have not used or invested in cryptocurrencies currently.

The company has not exactly revealed the cost of acquiring the services of the soccer star. However, many people in the cryptocurrencies space are actually trying to figure out whether such a move would yield proper results for the company. According to the CEO of the company, Moshe Hogeg, they plan on using the services of the soccer superstar for a longer period of time.

The star also posted on his Facebook page that he is glad to support a company which is making blockchain more and more accessible to individual investors. The soccer star further elaborated in a promotional poster that he was glad to become an ambassador of the company which is creating systems that increase accessibility of blockchain technology and also helps the users to understand better the blockchain technology.

Sirin Labs also launched FINNEY this year which is a smartphone which provides much more enhanced security as compared to the general smartphones. Also, the company launched all in one PC which uses the blockchain technology to operate and is entirely free and does not incur any fees as well.

With the signing of the Star as a brand ambassador, the company has certainly been able to grab headlines all over the globe. It remains to be seen how the company is able to translate this publicity into sales. One thing which is for sure is that the products of the company are pretty innovative and if it is able to tap into the right audience, it can certainly increase the sales of the company and take it to an entirely new level.

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