Bitcoin Cash Prediction: Bitcoin Cash (BCH) May Take Over Bitcoin in the New Bull Run / BCH News Today

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Over the past few days, the cryptocurrency industry has been showing slight signs of possible recovery with the top 4 cryptocurrencies trading in green after trading in red for a long time. If all goes well, the market will build up a bullish trend in the weekend. As the market struggles through a damage reversal, Bitcoin Cash is still doing better than many other cryptocurrencies.

On June 4th, Bitcoin Cash almost doubled its figure over seven days. Will the uptrend continue, or will BCH hit bottom soon?

What the Bitcoin Cash Trading Volume Says About Bitcoin Cash

The members of the Bitcoin Cash community have been trying to compare Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash as per gains, volume, traction, adoption, etc. Bitcoin Cash has been able to hike because of the dedicated investors who believe that Bitcoin Cash is the one true Bitcoin.

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Overtime, the demand for cryptocurrencies have been determined by the volume. Recently, the Bitcoin Cash volume increased dramatically and may be linked to the bullish trend. About 13.26% of the volume comes from OKEx and this amounts to $88.3 worth of Bitcoin exchanged at $1134.50.

Experts in the cryptoverse believe that there is a Bitcoin Cash bull run coming soon. Bitcoin Jesus, Roger Ver, claims that Bitcoin Cash will soon be widely adopted by retailers in Japan.

Roger Ver gave the hint during an interview but there have been no official announcements to this regard. No one is a 100% sure if the adoption will occur or when it will occur. If it does happen, people will be able to purchase goods and services with Bitcoin Cash conveniently.

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Apart from this, Roger Ver said that Bitcoin Cash will soon go into partnership with Menufly which will further promote the global adoption of Bitcoin Cash.

Ever since it was created, Bitcoin Cash has aimed to overtake Bitcoin as the main globally accepted payment method that can be used on a day to day basis.



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