NowCoin Market Game: Blockchain Can Be Fun With Gamification

Gamification is one of the most effective tools in today’s world of marketing. It is rather hard to name a stronger motivation than fun. The NowCoin Market Game ( started a unique experiment: The gamification of the blockchain itself.

The founders started this social experiment following years of advising different ventures in cryptoworld. The core concept was very simple: there are no, or just maybe very few cryptocurrencies around these days that have a clear vision on how to become a general transfer of value. There are cryptocurrencies which lack a solid plan for the creation of their real ecosystem, and there are cryptotokens that claim their purpose wrapped around a specific project.

In the core economic sense, to become a working cryptocurrency, the asset needs to have both holders and merchants. Holders provide capitalization and audience, and merchants bring economic substance.

The vision of the NowCoin Market Game is to create a working organic cryptocurrency ecosystem around NowCoin, that has it all: holders, capitalization and merchants. The ecosystem is meant to be created in an artificial and managed way, based on general rules of economics. The Game will serve the purpose of building capitalization and holders, through fun and rewards. If the Game will be successful in creating the capitalization and the holders and will be able to lock the holders’ attention to specific marketing channels, then merchants can be lured in the ecosystem.

No matter how basic and generic this idea might be, no cryptocurrency is currently following such a sharp and solid plan towards real implementation.

“I duly believe that we are living very important times in the history of world economy. A whole new world of capital is being born in these years, and whoever sets foot at the right moment with a sharp and clean strategy may well succeed for decades” – says Zoltan Toth, one of the founders. “These are the years of bigtime disruption and creation. But there is clearly no need of 1500 different cryptotokens wrapped around 1500 individual projects.” – continues Mr. Toth.

The NowCoin Market Game is a unique blockchain experiment, something which has never been done before. The founders are experimenting with organic blockchain competitions – logical and strategy games, where blockchain addresses are competing for different bounties.

“Piling up reserves, collecting periodic hodler rewards, carefully adjusting balances, playing with multiple accounts, “shooting” coins at each other – just some of the core ideas on how the NowCoin Market Game is trying to entertain the members of its ecosystem.” – says Szabolcs Hargittay, cofounder and professional chess player.

Besides the strategic and logical bounties, the Game will also concentrate on announcing social and marketing bounties, all these to serve the purpose of making NowCoin viral, and its social experiment into a global community and ecosystem.

An interesting project with an original approach, let’s see how far gamification and social experience can bring this venture.

You may find detailed information on the project in its White Paper, available from here:

Project website:



“It’s your turn”.


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