Great News For NEM (XEM) Holders Today: XEM Listed On Coinsuper, Will Boost In Asian Market Sooon (NEM Price Prediction 2018)

NEM (XEM) gets listed on another digital currency trading platform – Coinsuper, and this is considered as a step towards acquiring the Asian market. The NEM Foundation is strengthened and reinforced by a global framework, amassed of a lot of inclusion in ventures, IT, trading, business shapes, managing assets, and the traders of NEM in the crypto world.

The NEM Foundation Strategy

The business strategy of the NEM Foundation is to give the blockchain of NEM a better and improved update and also to improve its features and offerings while it is controlled by the general public, for an all-inclusive community.

XEM is the official digital currency of the open blockchain of NEM. It is used as a means of exchange on the blockchain of NEM.

NEM’s Tweet Regarding the Listing

NEM tweeted earlier today that it is in indeed a great news that NEM (XEM) is now featured on yet another digital currency trading platform – Coinsuper. This digital currency trading platform offers the public an opportunity to buy and sell digital currencies as easily and quickly as possible.

The aim of Coinsuper is to fulfill the need for a cryptocurrency trading platform that allowed for usability, tailored to its users via low transaction fees, focused on the core tech that supports the smooth operation of services and committed to offering superior customer services.

The listing of NEM (XEM) on Coinsuper together with the listing on the top digital currency trading platform in South Korea – Bithumb – shows that the digital currency is gradually covering the Asian exchange platform market.

The NEM Foundation has also announced a partnership with BitPrime – a New Zealand-based digital currency exchange platform. BitPrime and Foundation will hold a festival this month. In a few days, they’ll announce a NEM (XEM) airdrop.

Presently, the value of the digital currency is 25 cents and its market cap is $2.5 billion. The value of NEM (XEM) increased by 2.3 percent in the last twenty-four hour, but its market cap reduced by 0.6 percent.

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