Zcash Price Prediction Today: Upcoming Critical Dates That Will Take ZEC Price To The Moon In 2018 -(ZCash News Analysis)

There are three key milestones coming for Zcash this year. The roadmap has in-store three significant upgrades for the privacy digital currency. The roadmap of Zcash was recently updated by Coincalender, and here is how it looks:

Network Upgrade – June 2018

Zcash posted on their blog that this year they will further upgrade the usability, security, and performance of Zcash by bringing their encrypted digital currency technology to mobile devices. This upgrade is referred to as network upgrade 0-overwinter.

The target of this upgrade as stated by the team of the digital currency on their blog is to focus wholly on making the platform and future network upgrades more secure for users. They said they will describe more of its features and design in an upcoming post.

This upgrade will cultivate saplings for faster zk-SNARKs. This will further improve the performance of their shielded transactions.

Coincheck Delisting – June 2018

Delisting will be carried out on a Japan-based digital currency trading platform – Coincheck. They will remove the trading pairs for privacy-oriented digital currencies including Dash, Zcash, and Monero. The trading platform said it came to the decision of delisting these digital currencies after a drastic review of the internal control system of the exchange and a new management strategy that protects users.

They made this decision after the digital currency trading platform, which was bought by Monex following a high-profile hack in January that saw the firm lose $530 million in XEM.

Network Upgrade 1 – September 2018

This will activate the update of the sapling protocol to bring in order that enormous improvements for both memory and time for secured transactions, making the support of mobile wallet feasible. This sapling will depend on the Powers of Tau open-participation parameter setup.

Tau Powers is a communal event that incorporates or runs with the help of a multi-party computation protocol which enables a gigantic, single ceremony to occur for all potential zk-SNARK circuits in a given size bound.

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