Litecoin News Today: Mass Adoption On the Way for Litecoin? (LTC) Prediction 2018

Currently, Litecoin is the sixth largest cryptocurrency as per market capitalization even if it has experienced a significant drop in price over the last few months. While it appears like there is little hope for Litecoin, there are still some who believe that the cryptocurrency is going to overcome the trials soon and retrieve its old glory. Some cryptocurrency analysts insist that mass adoption of Litecoin is on the way and it will change the game in the industry.

Litecoin’s Moonshot is Coming Soon

Lately, Litecoin hasn’t been in the realm light of the cryptocurrency market especially since LitePay failed and the whole industry started paying attention to the upcoming EOS Mainnet launch. Gabriel Francisco, from TMT Blockchain Fund, says that Litecoin will be among the first set of cryptocurrencies to gain mainstream adoption.

During an interview with, Francisco said:

“Litecoin is preparing for an amazing moon shot. The Bitcoin clone has been incredibly resilient in the market. Litecoin is over four times faster than Bitcoin and will be supplied four times as much. It has always been viewed as the silver to Bitcoin’s gold.”

In his opinion, while Bitcoin will always be useful as a store of value, Litecoin will become the most popular currency used in stores.

He continued:

“Bitcoin will always have its place as a store of value but Litecoin will be the major cryptocurrency for making purchases worldwide. As cryptocurrencies are gradually being adopted globally, Litecoin will retest and even break its all-time high.”

Francisco isn’t the only one with this view. Luke Shipley of R_Block also believes that Litecoin is going to explode soon. He believes that the “Pay with Litecoin” revolution is going to bring Litecoin to the realm light soon.

All those who are believers of Litecoin are positive about the future of the coin. Will the silver to Bitcoin’s gold meet up to expectations? In the ever evolving cryptocurrency industry, there is no saying what the future holds for Litecoin.



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