June 11 Technical Analysis For IOTA, EOS, Litecoin (LTC), and Tron (TRX): What Will Happen to Cryptocurrencies Short-term


Will cryptocurrency prices recover in coming days or will we see the bears driving prices under? See the analysis below:

EOS Price Analysis

After a period of deliberation regarding the security of the network, EOS was launched. Hence after yesterday’s EMLG validation, about 150 million digital tokens would have to be spent during the BP voting. Would the use of these EOS coins result in a market crash?

The launch comes at the expense of holders who have to deal with price shifts. EOS prices are down by 9% on the week over the week format and within the last 24 hours. Despite this depreciation and the potential follow through today, previous predictions haven’t been hit hence the prior trade plans remain authentic.

Litecoin Price Analysis

Litecoin is down by 6% within the last 24 hours. Following yesterday’s break below the 115 USD and 110 USD barrier, the odds of a follow up have become high. If the bears are running riot below the 110 USD mark, then take shorts today or in future sessions. 110 USD is strong support in the daily and weekly charts.

Tron Price Analysis

After announcing the 100,000 accelerator loan scheme for developers making the shift from their development platform to TVM, three developers are reaping what Justin Sun said ultimately.

After yesterday’s events, it is safe to say that sellers are in charge of the market. Since that level was the primary support in our previous predictions, we should look for sell opportunities today with 5 cents and four centres short-term targets assuming selling momentum is on the rise. Hence selling on each high at lower periods is a sound plan.

IOTA Price Analysis

Contrary to our previous trade plan, the bears are in charge. Yesterday’s move below the 1.6 USD shows that. It is primarily we recommend selling on all high with stops above 1.7 USD or yesterday’s highs. The short-term targets lie at 1.3 USD and would have seen worse if bear slice past 1.3 USD because technical would see competition against IOTA bulls.




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