Twitter Poll: People Are Desperate About Bitcoin In Short Term – Will Bitcoin Recover? How Long It Will Take For Bitcoin To Go Up Again?

San Francisco (Smartereum) – Four in ten cryptocurrency traders are on the idea that it will take at least 3 months for Bitcoin to go up again, a survey published by Crypto Influencer and Analyst Salih Sarikaya.

News of hacking this Sunday rocked crypto markets. According to the report a small South Korean cryptocurrency exchange, Coinrail, as reported by top-tier media, was hacked. The reaction to the hack news seems a little exaggerated when you find that the 24-hour chart traded at Coinrail is just 2.65 million USD. While the hackers made away with 40 million USD worth of digital tokens, the panic sales wiped off at least 42 billion USD of the total crypto market cap through the weekend.

Over 1,700 respondents shared their top concerns about Bitcoin price for the next couple of months, highlighting worries about the steady decline.

Salih Sarikaya has published this tweet and asked his followers:

#TomLee said a few days ago the charts could be pointing to a big breakout ahead for #bitcoin in upcoming days.
But price went down.
He also predicted Consensus conference will boost the price, but it didn’t happen.
How long do you think it will take for #bitcoin to go up again?
21% 1 Week
15% 2 Weeks
23% 1 Month
41% 3 Months

Here are some ideas about what people think:

Bitcoin price will modulate lower

Ben @exis10tial Jun 11 Replying to 

I was one of *very* few calling at Dec $20K highs that $BTC would be trading below $10K by Q2.. What I see ahead, as landscape of competitive coins consolidates, price will modulate lower, and on a long enough continuum, all coins will essentially price parity to one another.

There are some people who are so desperate for the long-term also

PurpCaper~FLA Bande @PurpCaper Jun 11 Replying to @SalihSarikaya

Never, it will never ever go up again. Its a set ceiling commodity, a fixed amount of units. The boom is done. 1 percent control the majority and have turned it into something just like our dollar. It was false inflation and will only continue to shortly fall as more are unlocked.

Could it take almost a year for Bitcoin to go up again:

Dr_MorphLab @Dr_MorphLab Jun 11 Replying to @SalihSarikaya

More than 3 months. Could be even a year until bottom.

How low will bitcoin go?

Alvaro @AlvaroSzi Jun 11 Replying to @SalihSarikaya

This thing will hit $3-4k most likely, 2014 all over again. I’ll wait for 2 years until the halving happens, meanwhile I’m going to make some money and wait for the right time to buy

luis perez @luisperez012086
It’ll hit 2000$ first I’m sure of it.

Dr_MorphLab @Dr_MorphLab
More than 3 months. Could be even a year until bottom.

Alvaro @AlvaroSzi
This thing will hit $3-4k most likely, 2014 all over again. I’ll wait for 2 years until the halving happens, meanwhile I’m going to make some money and wait for the right time to buy

@Mr. COOL DAD-E @EricVailNaylor2
Steady decline

Laura @laurakryptonite
When exchangesclean up

Sd @TraderSDu
No one considers why we loosing huge market cap…still not believing that sharks make this game?! The decentralization of bitcoin economy is over. Its all about wal street & co. Cheerz

Cryptonoob @cryptoguy85
It doesnt matter if the price goes to a million or 1 penny, 1 btc = 1 btc.. crypto represents more than just an emerging asset class, its the future of money. Who cares what some guy said about such a violatile investment.. accummulate and then accumulate more $BTC

‘_’ @_B_L_T_N_
Heres Roberto Escobar’s prediction “They will all go to zero, almost zero. But not my coin. Because my coin, this is going to be my new work in life. Even when I am not alive, I have put in place some of the best strategists to keep this coin and its development going.” #ddx

Cholil Hasan @cholilhasan0710
The questions are:
– if it ever goes up again, after the past ephoria and hypes around it; and
– what preconditions of getting up again.

BITCOIN ISN’T LIKE Google, marketplaces, Facebook or other digital products THAT DON’T COMPETE WITH ANY GOVERNMENT PRODUCTS, ie. FIAT MONEY!



Crypt-a-Lago @CryptaLago
this year over all #global #coinmarketscaps would climb for 8 weeks then would fall for the same amount of time before making another climb, 💪support was often found around 300B

Russell R Gibson @AggieG8tor
#TomLee shouldn’t be invited back on any TV show until BTC hits $20K. But it’s not his fault, its lack of oversight / regulation or market manipulation.

Jeff Wilfong, PhD @JeffWilfong1
Bitcoin is DOWN. Trying to guess from chart analysis is like throwing sticks when a major firm gets hacked, which you cannot predict.

Raymond Cen @Kakalingwonder
Short term forecast was just a guidance with high probability. Things tend to have twists we all know that.


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