Tron News Today – Top Headline for Tron TRX, November 23rd 

  • Another Giveaway From Justin Sun?
  • “Deliver Your Previous Promises Before Promising Another Giveaway” – Crypto Community


Tron’s CEO is in the news again, this time for his tweet regarding his Cybertruck giveaway. The newly released Tesla Cybertruck has caught the attention of the crypto community as the CEO of Tron and BitTorrent stated that he could give out the truck as a gift in the future. In Sun’s usual way of doing a giveaway, he stated that he could step up his giveaway pattern to another level, saying he could give away a Cybertruck.

The truck is the 6th vehicle produced by Tesla with a starting price of $39,900. Sun’s tweet has so far attracted several comments from the crypto community on Twitter, dome users believe this is a once in a lifetime opportunity that should not be missed.

Justin Sun plans to do this giveaway in partnership with cryptocurrency exchange Poleniex, in his tweet he stated: “We should collaborate with @Poloniex to give away free Cybertruck next time #TRON #TRX $TRX.”

Meanwhile, Elon Musk was not having a good period during the long-awaited presentation of Tesla’s first electric pick-up truck. Justin Sun’s tweet coincided with a very embarrassing moment for Elon Musk. As was recorded during the presentation of the revolutionary pick-up truck that took place in Los Angeles, California, the glass of the bulletproof windows were broken with a metal ball. With Musk reacting to the incidence by saying “Well, maybe that was a little too hard.” 

“Deliver Your Previous Promises Before Promising Another Giveaway” – Crypto Community

Investors are yet to react to Musk’s damage control attempt, though most analysts are stating that it might likely affect the market when the U.S stock market opens. Currently, Tesla’s shares have doubled in price since it hit the bottom in July.

The reactions from the Crypto community on Twitter was unexpected, owing to their previous experience with Sun’s giveaway. Previously Sun announced a Tesla giveaway back in March to the joy of everyone, but after picking a winner @uzgaroth on Twitter, he picked another winner infamously to the displeasure of the crypto community. Seeing the reaction of the crypto community, he decided to giveaway two Teslas to both winners to guarantee transparency. 

It was later recorded that the winners were given cash instead of their deluxe electric cars. This experience has dented Sun’s image as currently, he is facing criticism for trying to hype up the Crypto community again. Sun’s tweet was not welcomed as the tweet has about 600 likes only. His followers believe that before Sun can organize another giveaway he must deliver on his previous promise to the crypto community.

TRON (TRX) Price Today – TRX / USD


A reply that stood out from his followers was from @thecrytomonk who stated that “You should have delivered the promised Tesla in the first place. Poor dude received $30k which is not enough to buy a brand new Tesla.”

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