Monero News Today – Headlines for November 24


  • Matthias Tarasiewicz Talks about the Forthcoming Upgrade of Monero
  • Monero Was Difficult to Implement on Trading Platforms Because of Its Codebase

Monero News Today – Monero is the best privacy-oriented digital currency in the crypto space. The crypto project has been up and ready for the forthcoming network upgrade for quite some time now. Monero wants to move to one of the most awaited ASIC-resistant algorithms – RandomX – from the CryptoNight R Proof of Work algorithm. 

The upgrade will also see the phasing out of long payment ID, which helps to enhance user experience, privacy, and also minimize support work for services and trading platforms. More features in the upgrade include requirement for a minimum of two outputs for transactions and ten-block lock time for incoming transactions will be implemented on the protocol level. 

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Matthias Tarasiewicz Talks about the Forthcoming Upgrade of Monero

One of the topics that the Director of RIAT – Matthias Tarasiewicz – discussed during a live interview for Monero Talk was the number one privacy digital currency and its forthcoming upgrade. The host of the show, Douglas Tuman, asked the Direct of RIAT if he viewed Monero [XMR] as a reaction to technological shortcomings of BTC and as a second-generation digital currency. 

He agreed that the digital currency was created to tackle the shortcomings of BTC. He also pointed out that the digital currency was very different in comparison to Bitcoin (BTC), a digital currency that is dubbed as ‘digital gold.’ In a statement, he said:

“There were a lot of technological changes that have been put. Also in a way, it’s a complete groud up a rewritten different system. So, technically it’s not an altcoin, which is like just a fork of Bitcoin because it has been like rewritten and it’s like very different, it has a lot of different properties […] it wouldn’t qualify as this very old term of altcoins.”

Monero Was Difficult to Implement on Trading Platforms Because of Its Codebase

The researcher also pointed out that it was difficult to implement Monero on different trading platforms and hardware because of its codebase that was completely different. Furthermore, Tarasiewicz went on to say that he finds it interesting that not many people pay attention to one of the basic elements of Monero – its privacy aspect. The privacy aspect of the Monero is what Bitcoin lacks completely. In addition to this, he also talked about the upgrade of Monero to RandomX as well as its previous attempt to get rid of ASIC centralization. He further added:

“We’ll have a protocol upgrade soon where we’ll see very interesting developments, this kind of ASIC resistance, in my opinion, is also super interesting thing from a research perspective thing to look at, from a game-theoretical thing to look at.”

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