Cardano News Today – November 24, 2019

  • Ken Kodama discusses the progress of Cardano and the milestone achieved by the team
  • Cardano is on the verge of breaking adoption barriers


Cardano News Today – One of the major obstacles the digital currency industry is facing today is adoption. The industry is in its infancy stage, which is quite understandable. Many crypto projects have been looking for a way to overcome this issue, however, they have not made any significant breakthrough. An example of a crypto project that has been working to achieve this breakthrough is Ripple. Ripple has been at its best to create a bridge between the finance sector and the digital currency space. Nevertheless, Cardano (ADA) seems to be on the verge of overcoming its adoption barriers. 

CEO of EMURGO Details the Progress and Milestones of Cardano

Ken Kodama – the CEO of EMURGO – recently sat down with CryptoSlate in an interview to talk about some of the milestones that the team has achieved. He also discussed the progress of the Cardano project in the digital currency space. Kodama was asked a question about the most difficult barriers for adoption and how the firm tends to overcome them. In response, Kodama said:

“Blockchain is still a nascent industry overall with growing mainstream awareness and limited regulatory clarity. This is why EMURGO has joined the Chamber of Digital Commerce & Blockchain For Europe, in order to have sustained dialogue with government-level stakeholders about blockchain-friendly initiatives. 

Also, we continue to focus heavily on our education units, partnering with local universities in markets such as India & Indonesia, to offer our blockchain education courses to empower local citizens and bring more blockchain proficient talents into the working world. Thus, we are working hard to increase awareness and build a proficient supply of blockchain developers through education.”

Cardano (ADA) Price Today – ADA / USD


Kodama Oversees the Mission to Boost the Adoption of Cardano

As the chief of the Cardano subsidiary, the CEO of EMURGO is at the forefront of the mission to boost the adoption of Cardano by investing in, creating, and giving advice to organizations or projects that adopt the third-generation ecosystem. The interviewer also asked him about the exciting partnership with New Balance trainers to track the supply of the blockchain. Kodama said:

“This exciting piece of news came via our Cardano ecosystem partner IOHK. Obviously, this is a good step in the direction towards applying Cardano’s third-generation blockchain towards real use cases including supply chain management with a trusted name brand. EMURGO and its Cardano ecosystem partners continue to engage with interested parties on implementing Cardano’s blockchain-based solutions.”


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