Cryptocurrency News Today – Headlines for November 26

  • The World Heritage site burnt to the ground
  • Huobi starts a program to accept BTC, XRP, and others to help rebuild the World Heritage site

Cryptocurrency News Today – On October 31, there was a fire outbreak that resulted in the destruction of the world heritage site. Fortunately, no one was hurt, as they did not record any casualty. However, the wooden castle was burnt to the ground. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural named it a World Heritage site 19 years ago, back in 2000.

The destruction of the monument got the attention of many, considering it is a very popular site. As such, the mayor of Naha, the capital of Okinawa Prefecture – Mikiko Shiroma – is having discussions with the Japanese Central Government regarding the issue. According to reports, they are talking about how to rebuild the monument.

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Huobi Global Starts a Program to Accept Bitcoin and XRP to Rebuild the World Heritage Site

Huobi – one of the most popular digital currency trading platforms in the world – just started a new project to help rebuild the World Heritage site that was destroyed by fire. In a recent tweet, HuobiGlobal – the official Twitter handle of the firm – said:

Huobi Japan has started one of the first projects that accept Bitcoin (BTC) and XRP (XRP) as donations along with other digital currencies to help rebuild the Shuri Castle in Okinawa from the serve fire damage.”

The firm also left instructions on how to make donations via the platform. The digital currency trading platform will also provide a receipt of the donations. Therefore, the Japanese tax system can use it as a tax-deductible.

Okinawa Is Losing Tourists Due to the Incident

Many tourists are attracted to this town because of the World Heritage site. People travel far and wide just to come and visit the site. The World Heritage site is one of the major centers of attractions in Okinawa. However, according to reports, Okinawa is losing its share of tourists since its major center of attraction has been burnt to the ground.

This castle does not just hold historical importance but it also stood as a symbol for the textile industry of the region. The loss in tourism might eventually result in a loss of their culture also. Besides, handy craftsmen built the castle in the past two times. Nevertheless, the number of skilled workers that built the castle has reduced due to technological advancements. As a result, it might be a major challenge for the people to rebuild the castle this time around.

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