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Similar to Satoshi Nakamoto today, nobody knew the identity of the man who discovered the route to the Americas in the middle ages. Even Cristopher Columbus died thinking that he found India. For this reason, the map creator derived the name of two continents from the name of the man who put it all in the line – Amerigo Vespucci.

How did this happen, and why some new names could mark the future of Crypto? The answer is simple. It is because of legacy as a sum of the philanthropic intent and a lot of sweat. For this reason, the man who laid an effort to provide an overview and give meaning to Columbus’s discovery now holds the legacy.

Since a great deal of controversy surrounds Cryptocurrencies, it is crucial to reveal all the mist of this discovery. In that case, will the history favor more cryptography discoverers or those who brought it to the public?

One project that is presenting the blockchain world in all its glory is CryptoLinks. Like Amerigo drawing the outskirts of the New World, CryptoLinks outlines all there is about Crypto. presents a plethora of possibilities to give, trade, lend, learn, and earn Crypto.

CryptoLinks for Buying with Cryptocurrencies

Models of Buying with Cryptocurrencies 

Nowadays, some cryptocurrencies transactions are reaching the speed of PayPal. Because of this, we won’t wait long until we would be able to use them in everyday life. However, e-commerce business owners should be aware that they can accept cryptocurrencies today.

In some cases, like Paymium, they will wait for a week or a two to verify the account. It is because these merchant services are still in their infancy stage. It is still early, even though, for example,  Bitpay is present since 2011.

At the same time, many are trying to bypass the lack of payment options. For example, innovative projects are providing gift cards as a model to buy at existing shops.

By the rule of a thumb, every demand creates the supply. Because of this, some innovative concepts emerged, enabling buying most of the products.

Which Products to Buy with Cryptocurrencies

Seemingly, there is a myriad of things to buy with a few clicks and a bitcoin or altcoin wallet. As mentioned, you can purchase gift cards for Amazon itself! In the case of Purse, you also have a 33% discount on anything you buy on Amazon with Bitcoin.

Sooner or later, Amazon will start accepting this type of payment. In that case, Purse and similar solutions will dissolve. At this point, they are only innovative entrepreneurs, grabbing the market opportunity. However, you should watch for the scams from the third parties, as CryptoLinks reports in their review.

Another option is to fly to some shopping destination by CheapAir, paying the flight with cryptocurrencies. As stated at CryptoLinks review, CheapAir supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Dash.

Do you know these cryptocurrencies? If trader, you surely do.

CryptoLinks for Making Money with Cryptocurrencies

Trading Cryptocurrencies

CryptoLinks feature discussion group for Bitcoin, but also for currencies such as Bitcoin Cash, Dash, or Litecoin, too. That is the beauty of CryptoLinks, as it gives a myriad of possibilities to get the required information.

Nobody needs updated information like those that are trading crypto coins. As traders are spending time predicting the price, they crave for any news. Of course, when searching for any blockchain term, in most cases, they will get content leading to crypto exchanges.

Like Forex exchanges, these are the places where the difference in price makes profits. Thereby, the top of the search comes from investing some of the gains in the advertisement.

As profit in the crypto world is impressive, the loss is even more devastating. It is due to the volatility that can erase life savings in a matter of minutes.

CryptoLinks Exchanges Reviews

Even in the case you want to “hodl,” you would need an exchange to buy your coins. For this reason, when you decided upon investing in coins, you should check the reliability of the exchange.

Sometimes there is nothing you can do, like in case of Mt.Gox hack of 850,000 Bitcoins! Or the mystery of the death of Crypto Exchange CEO losing access to $195 million.

For the later, reading the review on QuadrigaCX could have saved people’s money. As you may notice, CryptoLinks author states his pros and cons for any of the solutions on the website. In the case of QuadrigaCX, one of the cons was the lack of information on the security protocol.

In this case, reading an opinion could save millions. Besides QuadrigaCX review, there are opinions on more than 70 listed cryptocurrency exchanges. Seemingly, these reviews of coins, security, and features could stop the next disaster.

However, you should not place your bets based on others’ opinions. Again, the market is volatile, and experts’ predictions may become wrong.

What about trading bots?

How to Automate Your Crypto Engagement?

Trading Bots

As you may know, or you can conclude, these pieces of software are trading for you. However, there are rumors that April’s fool’s joke triggered bots in 2019.

In an unbelievable tale, crypto news websites published fake news on the US authorities accepting Bitcoin. As Trading Bots don’t know about the 1st of April, Bitcoin was poised to skyrocket.

Therefore, the abilities of today’s trading bots’ have their flaws. For this reason, CryptoLinks performs in-depth reviews, again stating the pros and cons. Similar to QuadrigaCX, information on the insecure website could save you from the disaster.

Landing Platforms

On the other hand, the landing platforms place a lot of emphasis on security. The second in importance is the ease of use. Since the profit margins are high, landing platform jumped in popularity in the groups of “hodlers.”

Again, CryptoLinks are reviewing seven popular landing platforms. Unsurprisingly, crypto lending is close to the flawless model. In the case of lending, only three platforms had neglectable disadvantages.

For example, Poloniex website is not mobile-friendly. In another instance, MoneyToken has no other defects, except that it is new on the market.

Seemingly, both Trading Bots and Lending Platforms are the right choice if you want to make passive income. But what if you would like to make a change in the world? What if you wish to utilize the blockchain to do something nice?

CryptoLinks feature the reviews of these solutions, too.

Innovations, Gifts, and Charity

CryptoLinks for Charity

It is beautiful how Nate Urbas’s, CryptoLinks site creator, writes about the charity. Any human should share his beliefs, and those capable should make one extra step.

In the spirit of giving, the platforms for the charity seek proper ways of helping people. Before, a lot of scams surrounded altruistic intentions. Sometimes, the charity was the cover for activities on another side of the spectrum. For long, an idea of the stealth possibility of funding terrorism was a significant setback for accepting Bitcoin.

On the contrary, charity websites utilize the blockchain to report that not a single coin went into the wrong hands. Moreover, some platforms go further, stopping any diluting. For example, Clean Water Coin enables exchange without the usual provision at exchanges. Projects similar to these and CryptoLinks are those that revive the faith in humanity.

ICO Airdrops

At the same time, another model orients on giving as an act of building a community. In this case, it is an act of offering with a purpose. Many new cryptocurrencies on the market get their first supporters with this approach. Therefore, this model is great for expanding its user base.

The usual model is to give coins as an introduction to the platform. If already on the platform, a giveaway is the reward for the invitation and registration of some friends. In both cases, there are a lot of scams included. For example, the community comments at Reddit are a valuable source of information.

Since these sites organize daily giveaways, many visit them daily. What about showing up daily at some news aggregators, or reading blogs to learn more?

CryptoLinks is Outlining the New World of Knowledge

Whether you are a beginner or looking to learn more, CryptoLinks is opening the whole new world of crypto knowledge. It goes both for those that prefer reading books or spending time exchanging thoughts on trading.

When you enter the website, you may get deep into the rabbit hole. It is because of Nate Urbas’s, site creator, endeavor to cover everything. Moreover, all the above mentioned is only a small part of what this website has to offer.

Similar to Columbus reaching the Caribbean, most stumble upon Crypto and then learn the very basics. For most, it is enough to make profits from a trade or to follow the flashy news.

Of course, the world needs those that are brave to go into the unknown. However, the New World also needs those keen on giving it a structure. Those that will outline the current conquest, and provide links to others to explore and improve more.

Like Amerigo, these diligent ones will “HODL” the legacy of discovering the New World.

Carolyn Coley is a blockchain reporter. She joined Smartereum after graduating from UC Berkeley in 2018.


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