Ripple News Today – Top Headline for Ripple XRP, December 4th, 2019

  • Ripple adds the University of Tokyo to its UBRI project
  • Bitflyer thrilled to have Ripple in Japan
  • Bitflyer running giveaway for 10 lucky users

Ripple continues to increase its reach globally, this has been one of the company’s main aim that provides solutions for swift and affordable transactions. In recent times, the company has been extending its tentacles to a large Asian market.

In one of these recent developments, Ripple and XRP are expanding into the Japanese market, exposing tens of millions of people to the company’s innovative blockchain-based solutions, giving XRP a good prospect of increasing its adoption.

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Joining the league of institutions with Ripple on the UBRI project, the University of Tokyo has joined Ripple’s UBRI. Ripple recently added another institution to its UBRI project and positioned the second XRPL validator in Japan in it.

Ripple’s Blockchain Research Initiative for universities (UBRI) is aimed at helping educational institutions and their students with technical innovations and growth. Carrying out research and funding when necessary.

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The third-largest cryptocurrency by market cap has thirty universities which serve as the company’s partner. These universities include institutions in the U.S, Japan, Europe, Singapore, etc. currently, Ripple has added the second Japanese academic institution – the University of Tokyo to the list. Currently, this institution now runs the second XRPL validators in Japan. Following the incorporation, the University is going to partake in verifying all transactions happening on the XRP Ledger and avert double-spending.

Bitflyer thrilled to have Ripple in Japan

Still, in Japan, BitFlyer is thrilled to have Ripple as XRP now trade on its platform. Following the launch of XRP in Japan, the company launched to mark XRP’s support will reward 10 users with 100,000 JPY.

By Bitcoin trading volume in Japan, BitFlyer is one of the major cryptocurrency exchange companies. The company’s latest press release states that Ripple’s XRP has been supported for trading. Their announcement went thus:

“Ripple (XRP) is the currency that boasts Japan’s second-largest domestic trade volume*2 after Bitcoin, and it can be bought and sold on our Altcoin Market through web browsers or Buy/Sell on the BitFlyer Wallet app (iOS and Android).”

Bitflyer running giveaway for 10 lucky users

To commemorate the support, BitFlyer has launched a campaign that will see 100,000 yen rewarded to 10 lucky users. The prerequisite is that users should trade a minimum of 5,000 JPY in the course of the campaign that ends December 26.


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