Tron News Today – Top Headline for Tron TRX, December 4th 2019

  • Tron’s Trx Solidly behind Bitcoin on Twitter Ranking
  • Tron Recent Development

In recent times, Tron seems to be the go-to coin by the crypto community, the coin is much appreciated nearly as much as Bitcoin. In recurring Twitter discussions, Tron comes second after Bitcoin’s BTC. These discussions are held by the crypto community mainly on Twitter and Telegram. The crypto community carries out discussions on different coins and ways of investing in them. In recent research, Tron came first after Bitcoin in these discussions held on these platforms.

TRX solidly behind Bitcoin on Twitter

On Twitter, Tron comes first in all discussions, a research made by @cointrend_jp shows that Bitcoin comes first with 313 tweets while Tron’s TRX comes immediately after Bitcoin with 191 tweets.

DGB is on the third spot while Ripple’s XRP has taken the fourth position with 70 tweets from the crypto community. The XRP price is currently not showing any positive trend, the coin has declined marginally below $0.22. ELF has so far taken the fifth position. This research is based on data collated for over 24 hours.

Tron Recent Development

The most recent news with Tron is that Poloniex has attained the Tron-based decentralized exchange TRXMarket. It has rebranded, and it is now known as Polonidex. Commenting on this development, @PoloniDex on Twitter stated that, “TRXMarket has officially upgraded to #PoloniDEX, a significant move for the #TRON ecosystem. We believe that after joining @Poloniex, TRXMarket will have access to more premium resources and be in a position where it can better serve community members.”

TRON (TRX) Price Today – TRX / USD


Dapp review reports have shown that so far Tron has stated ahead of Ethereum and EOS Dapps by the volume of active users it has. The report shows that over the past week, there have been only 100,000 active users on Ethereum and EOS Dapps. Though, the Tron-based Dapps have had more than 200,000 users over the same period.

Commenting on this @Tronfoundation stated that, “According to @dapp_review, the #ETH and #EOS active users remain at around 100K in the last 7 days. While the #TRON active users stay above 200K. As the TRON ecosystem is growing at a steady pace, we welcome more developers and users to join the #TRON ecosystem.”

In a recent Tweet from Justin Sun, he promised the Tron community a new acquisition. The tweet went thus, “One more announcement! Stay tuned for new acquisition in $BTT & $TRX ecosystem! #TRON #BitTorrent @BitTorrent.”


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