Ethereum News Today – Headlines for December 4

  • Ethereum developers proposes a new hard fork – Muir Glacier
  • Hancock said that the existing implementation of Ice Age is unnecessarily complex and confusing
  • Ethereum block propagation could be at least two times faster

Ethereum News Today – Ethereum developers just proposed a new hard fork. The name of the new hard fork is Muir Glacier and it aims to address the impending Ice Age, which could significantly slow down the Mainnet of Ethereum. In an Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) at end of last month, James Hancock – Ethereum developer – said that the proposed Ethereum hard fork, Muir Glacier, would push back the mechanism, known as Ice Age.

The Existing Implementation of Ice Age is Unnecessarily Complex and Confusing – Hancock

The Ice Age of Ethereum, which is also known as Difficulty Bomb, is the increasing hashing difficulty in the mining algorithm used to reward block miners with ETH on the blockchain of Ethereum. Artificially, this line of coding slows down the production of blocks on the blockchain of Ethereum. Hence, it functions as a deterrent for miners that choose to continue with Proof of Work algorithm even after Ethereum has moved to Proof of Stake.

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Nevertheless, Hancock said that the existing implementation of Ice Age is unnecessarily complex and confusing to communicate to the community. He said that any changes made to the design should be able to show the effect on the blockchain in a straightforward way so it would be easy to predict when it happens. At the moment the Ethereum developer does not believe this is the case.

Hancock also said that the forthcoming Ethereum had fork would push back the mechanism ‘as far as is reasonable.’ He added that this would give developers the time to make a decision on whether to update to Ice Age so that the behavior becomes predictable or to get rid of it completely. In a statement, he said:

“This hard fork would give us time to address the community to understand their priorities better as far as the intention of the Ice Age, and give time for proposals for better mechanisms to achieve those goals.”

Akomba Labs Could Make Ethereum Block Propagation at Least Twice as Fast

Last month, Akomba Labs – blockchain advisory and product development company – carried out a test on the blockchain of Ethereum that showed that it could make Ethereum block propagation at least two times faster. The results of the test showed that the average block propagation performance dropped to 172 milliseconds from 360 milliseconds without running the Blockchain Distribution Network of BloXroute with it. This means the network could see great improvement.


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