Ripple News Today – Top Headline for Ripple XRP December 6th, 2019

  • Ripple’s partner Forte wants to Transform the gaming industry with Ripple’s native token XRP
  • How Ripple’s XRP Comes In 

The San Francisco-based company Forte recently declares the benefits of using Ripple’s XRP for developing digital economics. Forte is part of the leagues of Ripple’s partners with a $100 million fund in partnership with Ripple’s investment arm Xpring back in March. The gaming company keeps working on the application of blockchain technology in gaming. The co-founder of Forte Brett Seyler in a recent interview stated the benefits of using XRP in the gaming industry. He went thus:

“#Xpring’s partner @FortePlatform makes it easy for game developers to use #blockchain technology to run better and more successful game economies by leveraging @Interledger and #XRP.”

Forte is managed by prominent industry executives as well as its founding CEO Kevin Chou who are engrossed in developing new powerful economies within the $140 billion gaming while making it more decentralized.

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There have been several attempts at developing “a killer gaming dApp”, but the technology is still way too complex for the layman. Forte wants to tackle the adoption problem by making such games more accessible. Seyler stated that “Creating game economies with multi-sided participation, open markets and increased transparency offer a potent solution to the challenge of the complexity plaguing game developers that result in stagnant economy design.”

A blockchain is the perfect tool for developing peer-to-peer gaming economies since it could make in-game transactions easy, swift, and transparent.

How Ripple’s XRP Comes In

To make the adoption of blockchain technology into the gaming industry easy, Forte employs the Interledger protocol (ILP) that was developed by Stephen Thomas, Ripple’s former CTO for creating connections between several blockchains.

Also, forte uses XRP for increasing the level of interoperability as well as security and liquidity. Since its commencement, Xpring has invested more than $500 million in over 20 companies to rationalize the adoption of XRP.  Seyler states that the company is looking at how the technology can be used to assist companies in the $140 billion industry to develop free-to-play games that give its players the chance to buy in-game assets.

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He went thus: “The free-to-play business model dominates the way games are run now. This model has grown the gaming industry more than any other business model in the last ten years. However, due to increased sophistication and competition of the free-to-play model, modern game economies are now staggeringly complex and difficult to manage.”

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