Tron News Today – Headlines for December 6

  • Digibyte Delisting: Tron’s Relationship with Poloniex Pays the Price
  • Circle warns users to withdraw their assets on Poloniex as it will be spinning off the platform.
  • Digibyte Delisting has led to Tron and Poloniex facing scrutiny.

Circle announced that it would spin off Poloniex. Following this decision, the platform has warned its users to withdraw their assets. The other option per the report is that users can send their assets to state governments.

Following this development, Jared Tate, the founder of Digibyte (DGB) crypto network, expressed disappointment that sensitive data belonging to his friends and family “is now with Poloniex.” After Tate tweeted this, Poloniex’s Twitter account replied. Poloniex denied the ownership of any U.S based customer data, before revealing that it will “delist DGB shortly.”

The Digibyte (DGB) founder and Poloniex’s Twitter account went into a war of tweets that involved most of the crypto Twitter community. The tweet war attacked the Tron network. Tate even described Poloniex as a “Tron shill factory after making away with U.S. users’ sensitive data.”

Poloniex, the Tron backed digital currency trading platform has been scrutinized recently after Circle sold the firm in October. Following the spinoff, top guns in the digital currency space like Frank Chaparro and Celia Wan declared that Justin Sun, the founder of Tron is behind Poloniex’s spin-off. While others in the crypto space argue that Sun has a hand in the purchase of the digital currency exchange.

Sun Denied being behind the Purchase of Poloniex

When the report came to light, the founder of the Tron network denied being behind the purchase of the exchange. However, back on November 12, Sun admitted that he was part of several investors behind the acquisition of Poloniex. Sun admitted this during a broadcast that was live-streamed and published on Twitter.

Since Poloniex left Circle, all U.S. customers on the exchange have been banned from making use of the platform for trading or any other financial related activity. The consumers have also been asked to withdraw their coins on the exchange by a specific date. Circle sent an email to its U.S. customers this week. The emails say Circle may charge dormant fees to users who fail to withdraw their digital assets.

After the Poloniex Twitter account announced that the exchange would delist Digibyte (DGB), the discussion turned into a hot topic on Twitter and crypto forums. The email sent by Circle and the Digibyte delisting announcement comes after Poloniex acquired TRXmarket.

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