Tron News Today – Headlines for December 7

  • Poloniex announces the delisting of DigiByte (DGB)
  • Justin Sun accused of influencing the delisting of DGB on Poloniex
  • Poloniex resumes the listing of coin on the platform

Tron News Today – The digital currency community on Twitter is talking about the tweet Poloniex deleted, in which the digital currency trading platform urged the community to buy TRX. Moments after the tweet, a member of the DigiByte team accused the trading platform of promoting the native currency of Tron – TRX. Poloniex Exchange responded to the tweet with a decision to delist DigiByte (DGB). After the tweet of the trading platform, some crypto buffs in the community are now accusing Justin Sun, who recently became an investor in the exchange, of forcing the platform to make such a decision.

Justin Sun Rejects Accusations about Influencing the Delisting of DigiByte

In response to the accusations, Sun released a tweet stating that the Poloniex team made all decisions separately. He pointed out that he is just one of the investors in the firm. Sun also said that he prefers to work with mainstream trading platforms. Nevertheless, he said that he respects and supports the decision of the trading platform.

The following tweets show that this post was meant to be a reply to the community talking about the DigiByte situation and probably blaming the delisting of the coin on Justin Sun.

Poloniex Resumes Listing

According to a tweet by Poloniex Exchange on Friday, the trading platform has resumed the listing of digital currencies on the platform. Any project team that wants their digital currency to be listed on the platform have to fill out a Google Form. The tweet got many comments and some users are pleading that the trading platform should relist DGB. One of the users, pleading for the relisting of DGB, also addressed Justin Sun.

Nevertheless, the digital currency trading platform has not said anything regarding the relisting of the coin. Chances are the Poloniex Exchange team might change their mind, but the exchange is not showing any sign in favor of that.

Binance Rejected DigiByte (DGB)

Recently, Jared Tate – the CEO of DGB – tried to get his digital currency listed on Binance, the world’s largest digital currency trading platform, but was rejected. In response, the DGB CEO started a scandal, accusing the CEO of Binance Changpeng Zhao and his team of being corrupted and ignoring DigiByte. In response, the CEO of Binance said:

I think he (himself) specifically does NOT want DGB listed on Binance. Not gonna waste any time on these types of guys. There are more interesting things to do in life.”

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