Blockchain News Today – Top Headline for Blockchain Technology December 8th, 2019

  • Microsoft Is Using Blockchain to Assist Firms Trust Artificial Intelligence
  • Blockchain incorporation to aid Data trailing through Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft is offering blockchain technology as a means to make artificial intelligence less terrifying for its corporate customers. Microsoft consumers are careful of Artificial Intelligence, initiatives are unsettled about trusting fully a “black box” where machine learning algorithms are broadly used for substantial data collections. Microsoft which assists thousands of firms manage their data declares a blockchain can add trust and a level of openness, easing such worries.

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Supporting this is a new tool known as Azure Blockchain Data Manager, which Microsoft released at its annual Ignite conference in Orlando, Florida, though it was outshone by the announcement of a platform for generating enterprise tokens.

Blockchain Data Manager takes on-chain data and links it to other applications. This enables transaction data from nodes or inside smart contracts to be sent to other databases or data stores. These are the category of stations where Artificial Intelligence can be installed or in the case of supply-chain, where internet-of-things (IoT) information can be effected to bear.

Marc Mercuri, the principal program manager for blockchain engineering for Microsoft Azure stated that “From manufacturing to energy to the public sector to retail, AI is digitally transforming businesses in every vertical. Blockchain can ensure that everything from the algorithms to the data going in and out of them is trustworthy.”

Serving as a trusted presenter for downstream data analytics might appear like a rather theoretical and meek innovation for blockchain. Rather, blockchain on its own has displayed few concrete benefits between companies that were involved at the initial stage.

Blockchain Incorporation to Aid Data Trailing Through Artificial Intelligence

Mercuri stated that a distributed ledger can be used to look at the source of data before Artificial Intelligence analyses it. He went thus: “Where did it come from? Where was it transformed? What was the code used to transform that? What were the input and the output of that transformation?”

According to Avivah Litan, a vice president, and distinguished analyst at Gartner Research, the idea is reasonable. Expatiating on the idea, she stated that for example Blockchain, AI and IoT could be merged in the tracking of shipments of organic beef from Argentina. In a situation like this, the blockchain would permit members to agree on all the conditions and precise location of the shipment, updating the distribution approach further down the line, which is where AI might come in.

“Now, you could do that without blockchain, but with blockchain, you get a shared, single version of the truth and an immutable audit trail so it’s a much better source of data to feed your AI models,” said Litan.


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