Cardano News Today – Top Headline for Cardano ADA December 10th, 2019

  • Petition against Cardano Founder to cancel planned MMA fight with Crypto-YouTuber Chico Crypto
  • Cardano community skeptical about the proposed MMA fight between Cardano founder and crypto-YouTuber Chico Crypto

The co-founder of Ethereum (ETH) and maker of Cardano (ADA) Charles Hoskinson is supposed to have an MMA fight with the prominent crypto-related YouTuber Chico Crypto. Although, some members of the Cardano community do not seem to buy the idea of him going move forward with this MMA Fight.

Sharing his view on this proposed fight, a member of the Cardano community with the user name “adam241091” on Reddit stated that the fight that Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson wants to involve himself in is “the worst Cardano related news” he has ever seen. He further added that this is even worse than the delays the Cardano team is having on their projects.

In his post which he titled “Petition for Charles Hoskinson to cancel this ‘MMA fight’” as the fight according to him would affect the trust in Cardano negatively, the whole project and in Charles Hoskinson himself.

Still, on the subject matter, the Redditor stated: “As it was written in another Reddit post, just when Shelley is finally about to be deployed and Cardano to go decentralized and proof of stake ready, credibility and attention start to flow, this MMA story is a nightmare for Cardano.”

Cardano community skeptical about the proposed MMA fight between Cardano founder and crypto-YouTuber Chico Crypto

The Cardano team is working effortlessly to release the Shelley testnet and the incentivized testnet for its users. This has been a major step for the Cardano supporters and for the whole project that was in a growing stage since it was declared a few years ago. Besides, according to the Redditor, the decision by Charles Hoskinson to fight Chico Crypto has made him lose trust in the whole ecosystem.

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Thus far, the post has 73 upvotes in just a few hours with over 800 comments from several users. Adam241091 further stated that Hoskinson is at liberty to do what he wants as an individual but he will not be projecting a good image by exposing the while Cardano projects while doing so.

Adam241091 even suggested to Mr. Hoskinson that if he wants to set a challenge to recuperate his energy, he could as well just run a marathon with a t-shirt with a Cardano logo on it. He states that a fight with a YouTuber is a no-no. According to him, his post on Reddit is a petition for Charles Hoskinson to cancel the fight for the good of Cardano.

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