EOS News Today – Headlines for December 10

  • CCID rates EOS the best smart contract platform
  • Ethereum and Tron came after EOS as the second and third respectively
  • China is still hard on digital currencies despite its strong support for blockchain technology

EOS News Today – A new digital currency rating index from China’s Center for Information and Industry Development (CCID) is out. The CCID is sponsored by the government, and the agency ranks the top digital currencies based on three vital factors, creativity, technology, and applicability.

The Index Rates EOS the Number One Smart Contract Platform

The government-sponsored index places a premium on smart contract platforms with EOS taking the first position, Ethereum taking the second position, and Tron taking the third position. Other top digital currencies by market cap are further down the list.

EOS Price Today – EOS / USD


Bitcoin (BTC), which is the largest digital currency by market cap, is at the ninth position. Stellar Lumens is holding the 10th position. Whereas, the third-largest digital currency by market cap, XRP, is holding the 18th position.

Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin are much further down the list. Litecoin is holding the 27th position while Bitcoin Cash is in the 32nd position. The 8th and 9th largest digital currencies by market cap, Binance Coin and Bitcoin SV, did not make it to the list.

EOS was at the top of the ranking for this month with basic-tech points of 104.6, applicability point is 21.6, and the creativity point is 25.2. The total index of EOS is 151.4. Whereas, the total index of Ethereum is 138.0 and that of Tron is $137.8, which is very close to that of Ethereum.

China Continues to Draw a Hard Line against Digital Currencies

The President of China – Xi Jinping – has shown strong support for blockchain technology over the past year. Despite that, the nation continues to draw a hard line against digital currencies. China seems to be stepping up its support for enterprise support for blockchain while also rebooting a strict bank on China-based digital currency trading platforms, which started back in September 2017.

In late November, the central bank of China published a statement outlining the strong stance of the government against digital currency. Dovey Wan – Primitive Ventures partner – also pointed out a couple of vital points form the release.

“1. ICO, IFO, IEO, STO are all unauthorized illegal public offering and securities issuance, and potentially illegal fund-raising, financial fraud, pyramid schemes, and other illegal crimes.

  1. Shanghai law enforcement agency will conduct ‘Special rectification of cryptocurrency-related trading platform, which can be registered overseas, shall be immediately rectified and retired’.
  2. They will further regulate trading platform whose servers are outside the mainland but providing virtual currency trading services to domestic residents and will continue to strengthen the clean-up [of] the fiat payment and settlement channels and gateways.
  3. Investors should be careful not to mix blockchain technology with cryptocurrency, and there are multiple risks in cryptocurrency financing, issuance and trading (again, Blockchain not crypto).”

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