Cardano News Today – Top Headline for Cardano ADA, December 12th, 2019

  • ADA Founder Cancels his MMA Charity Fight with YouTube Commentator Chico Crypto
  • After previously agreeing to a charity fight, Charles Hoskinson calls off the event.
  • Apart from Cardano, Litecoin also uses fighting sport as a marketing strategy.

Today’s Cardano news focuses on the recent action of the network’s founder Charles Hoskinson. Recall that Hoskinson had earlier challenged YouTube commentator Chico Crypto to an MMA fight. It was supposed to be a charitable endeavor. Now, from the recent Cardano news, we have learned that the ADA founder announced that the MMA fight between him and Chico Crypto has been canceled. Despite the fact that both opponents had previously agreed to the charity fight in a Twitter thread that has now been deleted, the agreement appears to have fallen through.

On Dec. 10, Hoskinson tweeted:

“Fight’s off.”

In a linked interview, the Cardano founder and Jason Appleton the organizer of the fight revealed that Chico Crypto refused to give away his email address which has made making formal arrangements impossible. Even though Hoskinson opted to call off the match due to organizational issues, the idea of an MMA fight between both parties was controversial from the onset. A vast number of Cardano users regarded the proposed fight as unprofessional. It was tagged a move that wouldn’t reflect positively on Cardano’s image. Hoskinson even admitted that he isn’t in peak physical condition, which didn’t sound reassuring in the ADA community.

Hoskinson Believes the MMA Fight would Drive Adoption for Cardano

Despite the disdain and concerns from the community, Hoskinson argues that the fight would attract more adoption for the token. Noting that a divisive fight could champion the creation of more prediction markets for Cardano. Hoskinson also remarked that the match would only happen if it is done by the book. It will be safe and in line with MMA rules. Meanwhile, fight organizer Jason Appleton suggested that the fight between Hoskinson and Chico would be an “exhibition match to held in Cincinnati, Ohio.” He claims that the proceeds would go to the St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital which is undoubtedly a charitable cause.

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It is safe to assume that the idea of a fight will resume in the future, although it appears Hoskinson has moved on. The Cardano founder also said that the fight is part of a larger trend: “Cardano is changing direction from development to apps. The network is looking for viral marketing options. Cardano isn’t the only project that has considered fighting sports as a marketing strategy. Litecoin Foundation recently sponsored a major UFC fight. That event happened in December of 2018 and was watched by 1.4 million PPV viewers and 15,000 live audience.


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