Cardano News Today – December 15th, 2019

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  • Stake pools on Shelley testnet are ready – IOHK
  • Charles Hoskinson Calls Off His Cardano MMA Fight

The Cardano Shelley incentivized test network has successfully been set up by IOHK. Stake pools can be now be formed on it. The Input-Output Hong Kong (IOHK), the research and development company behind Cardano (ADA), recently announced the successful set-up of the Shelley incentivized test network in an official tweet yesterday.

Following the announcement, all stake pool operators are implored to set up their hardware and get the stake pools active. To ease the setting up of a stake pool, IOHK has released a video series on YouTube titled “Stake pool operator journey”. The video elucidates the steps required to become the operator of a stakeholder pool and how it can be set up on the testnet.

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The official tweet from the IOHK handle went thus: “Looking to set up a Shelley stake pool this weekend? To find out how to do it step by step, check out this video tutorial series on the stake pool operator journey here: #Cardano #Shelley #CardanoCommunity”

In the same light, an article has been issued on GitHub that emphasizes on the barest requirements as well as the setup. The minimum system necessities for a stakeholder pool in terms of hardware are at least 4 GB RAM, a good network connection and about 1 GB * bandwidth/hour and a public ip4 address. The article further explains that processor speed is not a major factor in setting up.

As previously reported, the Shelley test network originally started without the feature of staking. On December 29th, 2018, the balance snapshot was obtained to define the qualified accounts for staking in the test network. The stakeholder pools will be set up over the weekend, and as from next week, owners of the cryptocurrency who had their ADA at the time of the snapshot on the Yoroi wallet or Daedalus can get rewards for holding Cardano. For this, the owners of those ADA can join a stake pool and give their vote if they do not want to run their pool.

Charles Hoskinson Calls Off His Cardano MMA Fight

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson declared that the proposed fight between him and a prominent YouTuber will not hold, at least for now. The tweet where both parties agreed to the fight is now deleted, the agreement appears to have fallen through. The cancellation was made public by Hoskinson on December 10, he posted: “Fight’s off.”

Explain part of the reason for the cancellation, Hoskinson stated in an interview that Chico Crypto failed to reveal his email address, making the formal preparation difficult. “We’re asking for a basic thing, we’re not going to do negotiations over Twitter; we’re going to do an NDA over private channels,” Hoskinson explained.


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